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Research Club

The USC Union Research Club encourages participation in beyond-the-classroom experiences in research. Through these endeavors, we aim to cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity on the USC Union campus among students, faculty, and staff, which will nurture a more general love of learning. Please check out the Research Club's brochure for more information!

2021 Research Club Officers:

President: Travis Wendel
Vice President: Blaine Newton
Secretary: Mary Moss


Caden Jackson (and Dr. Randy Lowell), "Meditation as a Means of Reducing Implicit Bias"
Blaine Newton (and Dr. Lee Morris), "Examination of Cross Hair Sections of a Shrunken Head (Tsantsa)"
Madisen Brewington (and Dr. Randy Lowell), "Learning Words from Context"
Dr. Tekla Johnson, "A Virtual Sense of Place"
Travis Wendel (and Dr. Lee Morris), "Survey of Crayfish Species in Union County"
Caden Jackson (and Dr. Randy Lowell), "Meditation as a Means of Reducing Aggression and Racial Implicit Bias"
Dr. Steve Lowe, "South Carolinians and Civil Rights: The People and the Law"
Marlena White, "Public Education Policy Comparison, Reagan and Obama Administrations"
Dr. Lee Morris, Travis Wendel, and Blaine Newton, "Crayfish and Shrunken Heads"
Dr. Emily Schafer, "Adverse Childhood Experiences and Risky Behavior in Male College Students"


Tomi LaChance and Caden Jackson (and Dr. Randy Lowell), "Personality, Social Media and Meditation"
Jennifer Emswiler, "Composite Creativity: The Journey Through Creative Process"
Kevin Torres, "We Remember the Holocaust"
Taylor Atkinson (from the Carnegie Library), "Fake News Blues: How to Spot Misinformation and Use Credible Sources"
Dr. Angela Neal (from USC Lancaster), "Emotion Dysregulation and Psychological Aggression in Intimate Relationships"
Travis Wendel (and Dr. Lee Morris), "Hair and Fiber Analysis in the Authentication of a Shrunken Head"
Dr. Emily Schafer, "Perceived Discrimination in School: A Longitudinal Look at Expectations and Health"
(video becomes unavailable toward end of first presentation, but audio remains intact)