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Student Employment

Federal Work-Study is a financial aid program funded by the federal government and administered by the university. Students can find employment to help pay for college expenses beyond the tuition bill.  

Open Positions

Students must be awarded Federal Work Study on Self Service Carolina. Please contact Christen Mayes in the Financial Aid office before interviewing for the job.  The positions will be updated weekly.

15 hours per week

$10.00 an hour, Student Services Building

Christen Mayes: 864-424-8062,


General clerical duties include typing, filing, answering the phone, assisting in mailouts, and making appointments. Assist other students coming in with Self-Service Carolina questions and other general Financial Aid questions. The student will cover the office for staff during meetings and at other times when staff are required to be out of the office.

15 hours per week

$10.00 an hour, Student Lounge

Anita Whitney: 864-424-8018,

Duties include Ensuring all students properly fill out the form when using the food pantry, making sure all refrigerator and freezer doors are kept closed, helping manage inventory, stocking the pantry with weekly purchases and keeping shelves neat and in order, and giving suggestions to the supervisor of items needed and/or requested.

15 hours per week

$10.00 an hour, Student Lounge/Truluck Gym

Anita Whitney: 864-424-8018,

Duties include:

  1. Wipe all tables and remove any trash left on tables in the lounge.
  2. Straighten couches and chairs in the lounge.
  3. Wipe down couches as needed in the lounge.
  4. Inspect pool tables and ping pong equipment. (Request replacements when needed)
  5. Supervise all students using the lounge/gym. (No sitting on the backs of chairs, keep shoes off the couch, no loud and excessive music, no horseplay.)
  6. All students using the gym during open gym time must sign in. Gym Supervisor will be responsible for keeping the list of students and turning them in to their supervisor.
  7. Report any equipment that needs to be fixed or repaired at the end of their shift.


15 hours per week

$10.00 an hour, Main Building

Dr. Aziz: 864-424-8046,


Provide part-time academic support and services within the Office of Academic Affairs at USC Union, along with administrative support in the Office of Academic Affairs and to the Academic Dean.


15 hours per week, $10.00 an hour, Main Building

Dr. Andrew Pisano: 864-424-8073,

Assist students with paper writing assignments by using a specific format & under close training & supervision of English Department.

Student should:

  1. Keep scheduled hours as agreed upon by OSP & English Departments;
  2. Schedule appointments with students who need writing assistance;
  3. Assist students with paper writing assignments;
  4. Notify, in writing, English Professor of visit;
  5. Keep records of visits for assessment.
  6. Proficiency with M.L.A. guidelines required.
  7. Must have completed both English 101 and 102 with a grade of “A”.

15 hours per week, $10.00 an hour, Main Building

Madisen Brewington: 864-424-8017,


Meet with students either on a one-on-one basis, conduct group study sessions, and /or assist drop-in students, to give the assistance they need, Ability to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills to address student concerns, Assist students in the development of appropriate study skills, Assist with additional duties as needed, for example, receiving phone calls and taking messages, assisting during student orientations, organizing materials, completing equipment usage agreements for students.


14 hours per week, $12.00 an hour, Carlisle Municipal Building

Mayor Mary-Ferguson Glenn: 864-427-1505,

Duties will include helping in the GED class with exercise and nutrition program. Also providing help with the after-school program by helping with homework and with computer activities as well as some general office work.

14 hours per week, $12.00 an hour, Buffalo School Building

Tammy Fisher: 864-429-1730,

 Duties will include helping students in the area of literacy.   Student will provide more individual help for students who have parents who cannot read and other duties as assigned by supervisor in the Multimedia center.   

14 hours per week, $12.00 an hour, Monarch School Building

Cathy Poole: 864-429-1733,  


 Duties will include helping students in the area of literacy.  The student will provide more individual help for students who have parents who cannot read, and other duties as assigned by the supervisor in the Multimedia center.