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Student Opportunities

We strive to support all our students. That's why we offer opportunities to help guide you through your college career and help you learn on your schedule. 

We hope you'll take advantage of everything we have to offer. Your success is our goal!

USC offers a variety of beginning and upper-division courses through the Office of Distributed Learning. Courses are taught via live streaming video, DVD and hybrid formats.

For the benefit of those whose personal or work schedules make day attendance impossible or impractical, USC Union offers numerous courses after 5 p.m., in two different formats: one hour and 15 minute classes meet twice per week in the early evening, and 2 hour and 45 minute classes meet once per week in the later evening.

These courses, numbered 399, are available for advanced students who wish to engage in additional study and research in specific areas of interest. Students work under the supervision of a USC Union professor, and a contract approved by the instructor, advisor, and academic dean is required.

Our office is dedicated to helping students with disabilities reach their academic potential. We'll work with you to get the appropriate documentation of your disability and to make sure you receive the appropriate accommodations. 

University 101 is a three-hour seminar course, open for credit only to freshmen and to other undergraduate students (i.e., transfer students) in their first year at USC Union. This course provides an introduction to the nature and importance of university education and a general orientation to the functions and resources of the University.

The course helps new students adjust to the University, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential academic survival skills. It also provides students a support group in a critical year by examining problems common to the new-student experience. Extensive reading and writing assignments relevant to the student’s college experience are required.

Organized in small groups of 20-25 students, University 101 is taught by faculty members and administrative personnel who have a special interest in working with new students. The course may be taken as part of a student’s regular load or as an overload. Course credit is awarded on a letter-grade basis. Credit is applicable as elective credit toward almost all baccalaureate degrees offered by the University.