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Faculty and Staff

Steve Lownes

Title: Associate Professor of World Languages
Campus Coordinator for Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning
USC Union
Phone: 864-424-8021
Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese, The Ohio State University, 2018
M.A. Public Policy and Management, The Ohio State University, 2013
M.A. in Spanish, University of South Carolina, 2007
B.A. in Spanish, University of South Carolina Honors College, 2005
American Translators Association Certified Translator English to Spanish, 2008
Comparative Literature (CPLT) 270
Latin American Studies (LASP) 201
Spanish 109
Spanish 110
Spanish 122
Portuguese 121
Portuguese 122
Portuguese 201
PALM 401: Capstone
PALM 493: SC Studies
PALM 494: Internship
PALM 495: Service-Learning
UNIV 401: E-Portfolio
Research Interests
International and Multicultural Education
Spanish and Lusophone languages, literatures, and cultures
Comparative Literature
The Confederados
Race and National Identity Ideologies
Service-learning and Language for the Professions
Translation and Interpretation studies
Immigration and Health Policy



“The Circuits of Anti-Communist Repression between Asia and Latin America during the Second Cold War: Paraguay and the World Anti-Communist League.” In Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina Vol 31, No 1. Published July 25, 2020. Translation of article by Ignacio Araujo and Ernesto Bohoslavsky. Translated from Spanish to English. <In press>  

 “Criminalized Racism, Anti-Racist Pedagogical Proposals, and Teacher Dissidence in Montaña de Guerrero, Mexico.” In Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas: From Multiculturalism to Racist Backlash. Translation of Book Chapter. 2020. By Mariana Moro Bayo and Jaime García Leyva. Translated from Spanish to English. <In press>

 Estamos Em Marcha! Anti-racism, Political Battles and The Protagonism of Black Brazilian Women.” In Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas: From Multiculturalism to Racist Backlash. Translation of Book Chapter. 2020. By Luciane O. Rocha. Translated from Portuguese to English. <In press>

 “Spartanburg County Community Health Needs Assessment.” 2019. As researcher. With Kara Davis, M.Ed., MSI Director, Janet Christy, MSI Fellow, Nicky Cabrera, MSI Researcher, Dr. Steven Lownes, MSI Fellow, Dr. Andrew Beer, MSI Faculty Fellow, Kiersten Mills, MSI Data Entry Fellow. <In press>    

 Kirsch, Marlow, Pingley, Leonhirth, Lownes. “Improving Student Engagement with Technology Tools.” Currents in Teaching and Learning. Volume 8, Issue 2, Pgs 50-61. 2016 <In press>. For more information about the research, click here.

 Kirsch, Marlow, Pingley, Leonhirth, Lownes. “Technically Engaging: Deepening Digital Natives’ Technology Skills through Coursework Across Disciplines.” Selected Papers from the 26th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. Jacksonville, FL. Pages 96-116. 2015 <In Press>

For more information about the research, click here.


Professional Affiliations
American Translators Association (ATA)
Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters (CATI)
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)
American Portuguese Studies Association (APSA)


Biographical Information

Dr. Lownes began teaching at USC Union in August 2019. Formerly, he was the Assistant Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute at the University of Georgia, where he administered $1.9 million for the Federal Department of Education’s Title VI National Resource Center and Foreign Language and Area Studies grants. He has lived, conducted research, and worked in Spain, Argentina, and Brazil. He has taught Spanish and Portuguese at several universities and has worked with international universities to create proficiency-based curriculum. He is an American Translators Association (ATA) Certified Translator.

 Since arriving at USC Union, he has taught Spanish, Portuguese, Comparative Literature, Latin American Studies, and the Palmetto courses. He directs the annual Latin American Film Festival, securing grant funds; and is active in the local community. He was awarded the Chris P. Plyler Excellence in Service Award for AY 2022-23.