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Allan Charles

Title: Professor Emeritus
Professor of History
USC Union
Phone: 864-424-8035
B.A. in History, Duke University, 1963
M.A. in History, Emory University, 1968
Ph. D. in History, University of South Carolina, 1981
HIST 101-102 (Western Civilization)
HIST 111-112 (US history)
HIST 385 (History of Christianity)
HIST 409-410 (SC history)
HIST 451 (History of medicine)
HIST 452 (History of Science and technology)
With a background as a cattle farmer, park ranger, naval officer, and radio announcer, Allan Charles began teaching at USC-Union in 1968 and has continued to do so until the present.  His research interests center on the history of science, medicine, and technology, especially but not always with a South Carolina focus.  He has also published historical books, pamphlets, and articles dealing with the history of the state and of Union County in particular.  See his bibliography below:
He has done historical study and research at Oxford University, England, and at the University of Paris, France, and he has pursued his avocation of interest in foreign languages at universities in Lyon, France; Cantabria, Spain; and Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. 
He has traveled in 50 states and 35 foreign countries and circumnavigated the globe while in the Navy.
In addition to traveling and study, his hobbies include sailing and hiking.