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Department of English Language and Literature


Hannah Rule

Title: Associate Professor
McCausland Faculty Fellow
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: HUO 203

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
English Language and Literature
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Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition, University of Cincinnati

Areas of Specialization 

    Rhetoric and Composition
    Writing Pedagogies
    Composition Theory

Recently Taught Courses 

ENGL 102H Honors Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 460 Advanced Writing
ENGL 461 The Teaching of Writing
ENGL 468 Digital Writing
ENGL 790 Survey of Composition Studies
ENGL 791 Introduction to Research on Writing Composition
ENGL 796 Special Topics in the Teaching of English 
ENGL 890 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition


Material Culture of Writing

The Material Culture of Writing, co-edited with Cydney Alexis (Utah State University Press, November 2022)

This edited collection asks what happens when we center studies of writing on writing's objects. Taking a material culture studies approach and combining its methods with those of contributors' home disciplines - history, literature, professional writing, writing and literacy studies, museum studies - contributors to this volume each analyze writing objects: a street mural, moleskine notebooks, ink, heirlooms, a baby book, a design studio, a writing desk, conservators' files, hotel visitor albums, letters. Taken together, this interdisciplinary collection unites material culture studies with writing studies in order to expand conceptions of genre, writing work, and writing identity; interrogate what counts as writing, a writer, and writing practice; and take seriously and centrally the materialities of literacies, contemporary and historical.  

Situation Writing Process

Situating Writing Processes.
WAC Clearinghouse/University Press of Colorado, 2019.

Situating Writing Processes (2019) asks how a renewed sense of writing processes might differently inflect contemporary writing pedagogies. Expanding contemporary process teaching away from strategy and toward responsivity, difference, and improvisation, this book aims to help writing teachers capaciously reimagine a critical pedagogical concept and position student-writers to locate composing within dynamic and unforeseen contexts.

   • Rule, Hannah J. "In Search of the Sentence." Composition Studies, 50th Anniversary Issue, 50.1, Spring 2022, pp. 134-140.
   • Janine Morris, Hannah J. Rule, and Christina LaVecchia. “Writing Groups as Feminist Practice." Peitho: Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, vol. 22, no. 3, Spring 2020.
   • Rule, Hannah J. “Beyond Page Design: Writing as Embodied Multimodal Meaning.” Writing Changes: Alphabetic Text and Multimodal Composition edited by Pegeen Reichert Powell. MLA Press, 2020.
   • Rule, Hannah J. “Sensing the Sentence: An Embodied Simulation Approach to Rhetorical Grammar.” Best of the Journals in Rhetoric & Composition 2018 edited by Jordan Canzonetta, André Habet, Laura Gonzales, David Blakesley, Jessica Pauszek, and Steve Parks. Parlor Press, 2019.
   • Rule, Hannah J. "Writing's Rooms." College Composition and Communication, vol. 69, no. 3, February 2018, pp. 402-432.

   • "Annotation as Writing for Powerful Literacy." SCCTE Conference (South Carolina Council of Teachers of English), January 2022.
   • “Situating Process: Pushing Process as a Commonplace with Hospitality,” Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Invited Presenter—Keynote Panel, Feb 28, 2020.
   • “Situating Writing Processes: From Sameness and Strategy to Difference and Improvisation.” South Carolina Council of Teachers of English Conference (SCCTE), February 2020.
   • "Situating Writing Process,"12th Biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition, October 2018.
   • "Annotation as Unifying Rhetorical Method in the Writing Classroom," UNCC University Writing Program Conference, October 2018.
   • "Undoing Theory/Practice (and Two other Provocations)," Panel: Provocations 15 Years after Rhetoric and Composition as Intellectual Work, with Laura Micciche, Melissa Pearson, and Raul Sanchez, Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), Kansas City 2018.
   • "Annotation Practices and Student Success in Reading and Writing," Invited Speaker, SC Technical College System Faculty Institute, October 2017.

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