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Global Studies

Courses Offered

FALL 2021

Course Title Keywords
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ANTH 101 Primates, People, and Prehistory  
ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures  
ANTH 204 Anthropology of Magic and Religion  
ANTH 214 Drinking in Culture: Anthropology of Alcohol  
ANTH 221 Forensics of Sherlock Holmes  
ANTH 223 Modernity, Archeology, and the Recent Past  
ANTH 225 Archeology in Film and Popular Culture  
ANTH 231 African-American Cultures  
ANTH 237 Cultures of Islam  
ANTH 244 American Indian Nations: From Hard Times to Hard Rock  
ANTH 292 Disease, Health, and Social Inequities  
ANTH 319 Principles of Archeology  
ANTH 355 Language, Culture, and Society  
ANTH 360 Anthropology of Sex  
ANTH 366 Medicine, Disease, and Slavery  
ANTH 373 Introduction to Language Sciences  
ANTH 381 Gender and Globalization  
ANTH  388H Cultures, Pregnancy, and Birth  
ARTH 105 History of Western Art I  
ARTH 106 History of Western Art II  
ARTH 107 History of Asian Art  
ARTH 321 History of Northern Renaissance Art  
ARTH 3330 History of 19th-Century European Art  
ARTH 335 History of 20th--Century Art  
ARTH 342 Contemporary American Art  
ARTH 390.01 20th-Century Chinese Art  
ARTH 390.02 Giovanni Battista Piranesi and 19th-Century European Literatre, Architecture, and Cartography  
ARTH 501 Methodologies of Art History  
ARTH 503 Internship in Art History  
ARTH 520 History of Renaissance Painting  
ARTH 534 Art and Ideas in the 19th Century  
ARTH 549 20th-Century Chinese Art  
CHIN 240 Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies  
CHIN 335 Women in China  
CHIN 398 China Beyond the Headlines  
CLAS 220 Introduction to Classical Mythology  
CLAS 230 Medical and Scientific Terminology  
CLAS 586 Classical Mythology  
CPLT 150 Value and Ethics in Literature  
CPLT 270 World Literature  
CPLT 301 Great Books of the Western World I  
CPLT 380 Epic to Romance  
CPLT 415 Pandemics in Literature  
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics  
ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics  
ECON 224 Introduction to Economics  
ECON 321 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory  
ECON 322 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory  
ECON 436 Introductory Econometrics  
ECON 500 Urban Economics  
ECON 503 International Trade Economics  
ECON 506 Labor Economics and Labor Markets  
ECON 508 Law and Economics  
ECON 510 Experimental Economics  
ECON 531 Health Economics  
ECON 548 Environmental Economics  
ECON 562 Public Finance  
ECON 589 Behavioral Economics  
ENGL 200
Creative Writing, Voice, and Community
ENGL 280
Literature and Society
ENGL 350
Introduction to Comic Studies
ENGL 360
Creative Writing
ENGL 380 Epic to Romance  
ENGL 381 The Renaissance  
ENGL 384 Realism  
ENGL 405
Shakespeare's Tragedies
ENGL 406 Shakespeare's Comedies  
ENGL 411 British Romantic Literature  
ENGL 412 Victorian Literature  
ENGL 437
Women Writers
ENGL 439 World Literature and Global Climate Change  
ENHS 321
Environmental Pollution and Health
ENHS 324 Environment and Obesity  
ENHS 660 Concepts of Environmental Science  
ENVR 101
Introduction to the Environment
ENVR 202
Environmental Science and Policy
ENVR 295 Green Technology in Germany  
ENVR 321
Environmental Pollution and Health
ENVR 322
Environmental Ethics
ENVR 480
Environmental Issues Seminar
ENVR 499 Research in Evnironmental Science  
ENVR 538 Global Food Politics  
ENVR 548
Environmental Economics
ENVR 571 Conservation Biology  
EURO 300 European Studies  
FAMS 110
Media Culture
FAMS 240
Film and Media Analysis
FAMS 300
Film and Media History
FAMS 310
Climates of Disasters -Science Meets Cinema
FAMS 360
Border and Identity
FILM 380 Mediating Race  
FILM 511 Tarantino  
FREN 397
The French Film Experience
FREN 452
French Literature and Culture After 1800
FREN 453 Francophone Literatures and Cultures  
FREN 595 French for Advertising  
GEOG 103
Introduction to Geography
GEOG 104 Introduction to Physical Geography  
GEOG 105 The Digital Earth  
GEOG 121
Globalization and World Regions
GEOG 202
Weather and Climate
GEOG 225 Geography of Europe  
GEOG 347
Water as a Resource  
GEOG 312
Geography and Global Geopolitics
GEOG 371
Air Pollution Climatology
GEOG 380
Global Geography of Human Rights
GEOG 512 Migration and Globalization  
GEOG 530 Environmental Hazards  
GEOG 538
Global Food Politics
GEOG 573 Climate Change and Variability  
GEOG 581
Globalization and Cultural Questions
GEOG 595 Internship in Geography  
GLST 391 Pandemics in Literature (cross listed with German 398 and CPLT 415)  
GREK 305 The Greek New Testament  
GREK 550 Greek Seminar  
HIST 104 Introduction to the Islamic Middle East  
HIST 106 Introduction to African History  
HIST 108 Science and Technology in World History  
HIST 109 Introduction to Latin American Civilization  
HIST 110 Conquest, Colonization, and Captivity  
HIST 214 The Practice of Public History  
HIST 215 The History of the Devil  
HIST 304 Late Antiquity: Imperial Rome to Islam  
HIST 306 Medieval Europe  
HIST 321 History of Great Britain  
HIST 335 History of Modern Russia and the Soviet Union  
HIST 360 Into the Wild: Global Conservation since 1800  
HIST 365 East Africa and the Indian Ocean World  
HIST 379 Women in Modern Europe  
HIST 383 Jewish History I  
HIST 389 Since, Magic, and Religion  
HIST 425 Caribbean Race and Slavery  
HIST 497 Senior Seminar: Global Cities  
HRTM 110 Introduction to Hospitality  
HRTM 161  Breakfast  
HRTM 165 Introduction to Cooking  
HRTM 260 Hotel Managment  
HRTM 270 Quantity Food Production  
HRTM 280 Foundations of Tourism  
HRTM 285 Club Managment  
HRTM 290 Hospitallity and Tourism Practicum  
HRTM 344 Personel Organization and Supervision  
HRTM 362 Wedding Planning and Managment  
HRTM 364 Conference and Meeting Planning  
HRTM 370 Restaurant Food Production Management  
HRTM 381 Travel and Destination Managment  
HRTM 386 Tourism Festival Planning and Managment  
HRTM 388 Resort Development and Managment  
HRTM 421 Hospitality Financial Managment  
HRTM 428 Sustainable Food Service Systems  
HRTM 440 Services Managment for Hospitality  
HRTM 450 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing  
HRTM 475 Wines and Spirits in Food Service Establishments  
HRTM 476 Craft Beer  
HRTM 482 Sustainable Tourism Planning and Policy  
HRTM 483 Tourism Economics  
HRTM 490 Hospitality Managment Strategies  
HRTM 495 Hospitality and Tourism Internships  
HRTM 564 Advanced Meeting Managment  
HRTM 585 Advanced Club Managment  
HRTM 590 Spa Managment  
ITAL 398 Adaptability and Sustainability in Italian Food Systems  
JAPN 240 Introduction to Japanese Culture   
JAPN 350 Japanese Culture and Society through Film  
LATN 321 Virgil  
LING 240 Language Conflict and Language Rights  
LING 242 Language and Humor at Intersections of Religion, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender  
LING 305 Language, Gender, and Sexuality  
LING 340 Language, Culture, and Society  
MART 110 Media Culture  
MART 201 Foundations of Media Arts Production  
MART 210 Digital Media Arts Fundamentals  
MART 310 Media Writing  
MART 341 Sound Design  
MART 371 The Moving Image  
MART 380 New Media Art  
MSCI 101 The Ocean Environment  
MSCI 210 Oceans and Society  
MSCI 311 Biology of Marine Organisms  
MSCI 460 Field and Laboratory Investigation in Marine Science  
MSCI 537 Aquaculture  
MSCI 552 Population Genetics  
MSCI 557 Coastal Processes  
MSCI 575 Marine Ecology  
MSCI 590 Beach-Dune Interactions  
PHIL 102 Introduction to Philosophy  
PHIL 114 Introduction to Formal Logic  
PHIL 211H Contemporary Moral Issues  
PHIL 213 Communicating Moral Issues  
PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy  
PHIL 304 17th -18th Century Philosophy  
PHIL 321H Medieval Ethics  
PHIL 322 Environmental Ethics  
PHIL 324H Business Ethics  
PHIL 325 Engineering Ethics  
PHIL 331 Culture and Juistice  
PHIL 334 Feminist Philosophy  
PHIL 505 Plato  
PHIL 509 Kant  
PHIL 511 Symbolic Logic  
POLI 101 Introduction to Global Politics  
POLI 240 Language Conflict and Language Rights  
POLI 300 Social and Political Philosophy  
POLI 303 Modern Political Theory  
POLI 305 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality  
POLI 315 International Relations  
POLI 316 Comparative Politics  
POLI 350 Public Opinion and Politics  
POLI 352 Gender and Politics  
POLI 374 Public Policy  
POLI 379 Pulbic Affairs Internship  
POLI 380 Comparative Politics of Developing Countries  
POLI 383 Genocide: A Comparative Perspective  
POLI 391.01 Politics of the European Union  
POLI 392.02 Wars, Demographic Changes and Migration  
POLI 416 Revolution and Political Violence in the Middle East  
POLI 420 International Law  
POLI 431 Science, Technology, and Public Policy  
POLI 449 International Relations of the Middle East  
POLI 454 Women and the Law  
POLI 465 Psychology and Politics  
POLI 478 Environmental Policy  
POLI 487 Politics and Governments of Africa  
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology  
PSYC 495 Internship in Psychology  
RELG 101 Exploring Religion  
RELG 205  Morality, Ethics, Religion  
RELG 220 Introduction to Buddism  
RELG 250 Introduction to Islam  
RELG 270 Religion and the Arts  
RELG 321 The Old Testament Prophets  
RELG 367 Sufism  
RELG 390 Theories of Religion  
RELG 473 Religion, Medicine, and Healing  
RUSS 319 19th-Century Russian Literature in Translation  
RUSS 398.01 Acting in Russian  
RUSS 398.02 The Holy Fool in Russian Culture  
SOCY 101 Introduction to Sociology  
SOCY 301 Sex and Gender  
SOCY 305 Sociology of Families  
SOCY 340 Introducton to Social Problems  
SPAN 312 Introduction to Reading Hispanic Literary Texts  
SPAN 380  The Cinema of Spain  
SPAN 498 Religion in Mexico  
SPAN 401 Latin American Culture  
SPAN 500 Contemporary Spain  
SPAN 555 Spanish American Literature  
SPAN 575 Ecological Cultureal Studies in Latin America  
WGST 112 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  
WGST 301 Psychology of Marriage  













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