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Walker Institute of International and Area Studies

Award Winners

Every year, after the application deadline passes, the Walker Institute carefully reviews each application we receive. The number of applicants per award varies. Below, you'll find the awardees from previous and current years.

Undergraduate Student Winners

Ceny Walker Undergrad Scholarship
  • Miranda Borland, Global Studies
  • O'Malley Jenkins, Cyber Intelligence
  • Grace Kuhlman, International Business
  • Timonthy McCrosson, Biological Sciences
International Experience Award
  • Kendall Roy, Global Studies and Spanish
  • Tina-Maria Sandoval, Environmental Studies and Anthropology
Ceny Walker Undergrad Scholarship
  • Lauren Demitrovic, Global Studies
  • Blakely Hardin, Education Policy, Law, and Government
  • Joshua Hughes, Political Science
  • Nori Morgan, International Studies
Ceny Walker Undergrad Scholarship
  • Kailey Grooms, Global Studies
  • Zoe Lomax, Global Studies
  • Camille Szottfried, International Studies

Graduate Student Winners

Ceny Walker Graduate Fellowship
  • Noah Brandon, Linguistics,
  • Xiaoya Gao, Piano Pedagody
  • Aimee Herring, Anthropology
  • Sophia Rodriguez, Lingustic Anthropology
Donald J. Puchala Graduate Fellowship
  • Jieun Byeon, Political Science
  • Jessica Flach, Geography
Dr. Richard Walker Memorial Endowed Fellowship
  • Chih-Yu (Edwina) Chen, Political Science
  • Chen Xiao, Linguistics
International Conference Grant
  • Byeongwon Ha, School of Visual Art and Design
  • Eric Holt, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Allison Marsh, Department of History
  • Yafeng Xu, College of Social Work
Li-Ching Graduate Fellowship
  • Kuan-Wu Chen, Political Science,
  • Deki Peldon, International Relations/Comparative Politics
  • Jiyuan Ren, Comparative Literature
  • Yichi Zhang, Anthropology
Seung Yeun Kim Graduate Fellowship
  • Chan Hyeon Hur, Sport & Entertainment Management
  • Sanghoon Park, Political Science
  • Sun Gue (Susan) Yang, Public Administration & Public Policy
Seung Yuen Kim Graduate Fellowship
  • Sanghoon Park, Political Science
Ceny Walker Gradaute Fellowship
  • Samantha Martin, Linguistics

International Experience Award
  • Maximilian Gindorf, Comparative Literature
Dr. Richard Walker Memorial Endowed Fellowship
  • Shuying Chen, Comparative Literature

Li-Ching Award
  • Tingting Hu, Comparative Literature
  • Dan Luo, Comparative Literature
Seung Yeun Kin Graduate Fellowship
  • Denise Ellis, Doctor of Music

Faculty Winners

Director's Award
  • Mathieu Deflem, Department of Sociology
  • Stanley Dubinsky, Department of English Language and Literature
  • Na Sil Heo, Department of History
  • Saskia Coenen Snyder, Department of History
Faculty Research Grant Award
  • John Doering-White, College of Social Work
  • Peter Duffy, Department of Theatre & Dance
  • David Fuente, School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
  • Jeanne Garane, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Kelly Goldberg, Department of Anthropology
  • Howard Liu, Department of Political Science
  • Elena Osokina, Department of History
  • Kopack Robert, Department of Geography
  • Matthew Wilson, Department of Political Science
Faculty Research Grant Award
  • Peter Duffy, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Jie Guo, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Byeongwon Ha, School of Visual Art and Design
  • Julie Hubbert, School of Music
  • Rebecca Janzen, Department Language, Literature and Cultures
  • Nancy Linthicum, Department Language, Literature and Cultures
  • Kubickova Marketa, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Caroline Nagel, Department of Geography
  • Payal Shah, College of Education
Faculty Research Grant Award
  • Colleen Clark, School of Music
  • Lauren Steimer, School of Visual Art & Design
  • Alicia Walker, School of Music
  • Yanfeng Xu, College of Social Work

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