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Department of Religious Studies

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Religious Studies Major & Minor

The Department of Religious Studies, in the College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of South Carolina provides undergraduates with an opportunity to explore the variety and depth of the world's religious traditions, including their histories, scriptures, systems of belief, rituals, sacred art, ethical teachings, transformative practices, and social institutions. Students are also introduced to the history of the discipline of Religious Studies and to the range of scholarship that has shaped and continues to shape the academic approach to religion.


Every student must complete the general education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum (53-62 hours) plus course work in a cognate or minor (12-18 hours).

General majors will take a minimum of 9 courses in the Department, including the capstone course: RELG 488 Perspectives in Religious Studies, and choice of 1 of 2 prerequisite courses: RELG 101 Exploring Religions or RELG 120 Comparative Religion.

Major Requirements



The Religious Studies Minor can be taken in conjunction with another major. Religious Studies Minors must have a major from another department and complete the Carolina Core requirements from the College of Arts and Sciences. The Religious Studies minor may be used in lieu of a cognate for students who are seeking majors in other departments.

Minor Requirements

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