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Department of Religious Studies

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Religious Studies Major

B.A. Degree Requirements

General Major (24 credit hours):

Three required courses:

1 prerequisite course (choice of either RELG 101 or RELG 120)
1 required theory course (RELG 390 Theories of Religion)
1 capstone course (RELG 488 Perspectives in Religious Studies)

And an array of 6 additional courses of your choice (18 hours) distributed as follows:

2 introductory level courses (200 level);
2 intermediate level courses (300 level);
2 advanced courses (400 level). (Students may substitute 400 level courses for their 300 level requirements with advisor approval.)

Minimum grade: For courses to count toward degree requirements, a grade of C or higher must be earned.

Intensive Major (30 credit hours):

• all general major requirements as indicated above
• RELG 498 Senior Project (details & instructions)
• 1additional course

(WITH ADVISOR APPROVAL the intensive major may substitute a course from another department that directly relates to the research. It must be from: Languages (beyond the general requirements); Classics; Philosophy; History; or Anthropology.

Minimum grade: For courses to count toward the Intensive Major, a grade of B or higher must be earned.

B.A. with Distinction:
Students who fulfill the requirements for an intensive major and graduate with a minimum GPA of 3.75 in major courses and 3.5 overall will be awarded their degree "With Distinction in Religious Studies" upon graduation.

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