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Army Physical Training

By Cadet Brendan Curran


Physical Training or PT is a huge part of what the Gamecock battalion is about. We know that staying prepared and maintaining ourselves is not only important but also part of the soldier’s creed that all members of the Gamecock battalion hold themselves to. 

I always maintain my equipment, my arms, and myself

That all being said all you can imagine all members of the Gamecock battalion were excited to kick off the semester of PT at 0600 this morning!  MS1 cadets, as well as select MS2 and MS3 cadets, took part in their class learning the fundamentals of Army PT. Through this introductory class students learn the ins and outs of typical Army PT, promoting their physical strength, endurance, power, and flexibility. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the battalion was assisted by exercise science professionals in the conducting of a dynamic plyometric warmup, and then an isometric bodyweight workout. Needless to say, all involved benefited from a great workout this morning as they will throughout the rest of the semester. 



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