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Murphy's Club

Murphy’s Club is an organization that embodies the traditions found in the United States Army. Founded in January 2019 as ‘Schools PT’, the first class of cadets fostered a culture of success focusing on physical and mental training in preparation for specialized Army schools.

After the summer of 2019, six of the founding members successfully graduated from each of their respective schools, establishing a 100 percent graduation rate. With the aid of MAJ Anthony Gentile, a combat tested infantryman, the founding members committed themselves to building an organization with a standard of excellence who’s members can develop themselves physically and mentally for their future service in the U.S. Army.

Our Mission

The mission of Murphy’s Club is to develop technical skills and knowledge required for military leadership and to physically and mentally prepare its members for specialized Army schools. Additionally, the club seeks to promote critical thinking and problem solving in stressful environments.

Murphy’s Club aims to develop personality traits conducive to the Special Operations Forces community. These include: unconventional thinking, problem solving, challenging mental and physical barriers, adaptability, mental fortitude, situational awareness, and teamwork.

The club implores members with previous experience in military schools to effectively train and teach incoming members the skillset required to be successful. By employing strenuous PT and technical lessons, Murphy’s Club prepares members for a successful future in both Army schools, and as Army Officers.

Honoring Exceptionalism

Murphy’s Club was established in honor of MAJ Edward J. Murphy, a distinguished graduate from the University of South Carolina Army ROTC Program. On April 6th 2005 while serving in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, MAJ Murphy’s CH-47 helicopter crashed in Ghanzi, Afghanistan killing him and 17 other soldiers. He remains the only alumni of his ROTC program to be killed in the line of duty. Murphy’s club aims to uphold the exceptional precedent set by MAJ Murphy and other outstanding alumni of the Gamecock Battalion.

A Culture of Success

Murphy’s Club has maintained a 100% graduation rate in specialized Army schools. Since it’s founding, the club has sent its members to Airborne, Air Assault, Maritime Assessment Course, Combat Dive Qualification Course, and Combat Dive Supervisor Course.

Other members have selected to attend Sapper School, Jungle Warfare, Basic Mountain Warfare, Robin Sage, and Cold Weather Operations Course. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, these cadets were unable to attend their respective schools. Regardless, these opportunities remain open to all members in the future, and any candidates should remain confident in the culture of success instilled in them by Murphy’s Club. 




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