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College of Social Work

Student Spotlight: Desiree Little

Nov. 1, 2019
Chris Woodley • 

There was a time when Master of Social Work student Desiree Little had some of the common misconceptions of social work. But her association with social work began during her undergraduate studies at Georgia Southern University and now she is preparing for a career to assist and transform individuals, groups and communities.  

Why did you decide to attend the College of Social Work?

Lauren Knottek visited my undergraduate university. She was so patient with me and answered all my questions. Before I even stepped foot on campus, it felt like home.

What inspired or motivated you to study social work?

I had two professors in undergrad that were social workers. Before I even knew what social work really was, I knew I wanted to be more like them.

What do you enjoy most about field education?

I love that we have the chance to experience different aspects of social work. Our field is so broad and there is a plenty to explore.

What social issues are you most passionate about and have you done any advocacy for that issue?

My biggest passion is criminal justice reform (particularly for minorities) and LGBT+ rights. I have been fortunate to be in placements both years that address problems with the criminal justice system. I was active in Gay-Straight Alliance at my undergrad university, and I hope to get involved in the one here. 

What advice would you give someone considering studying social work?

I would encourage them to explore the versatility of the major. That’s what helped me fall in love with social work. There are so many aspects, from macro to micro practice. If you want to study social work, there’s a place for you (even if you have to create it). 

What do you enjoy most about living in Columbia?

My undergrad university is in a small country town with not much to do. It is refreshing to have lots of options.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I’m going to Disney. Then hopefully starting a job soon after and getting licensed if I am not already.

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