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College of Social Work

Mission and Program Goals

The Bachelor of Social Work program combines specialized coursework with field education. Students are prepared for generalist social work practice or the opportunity to apply for graduate-level studies.

MissionSC Map

The mission of the BSW program is to prepare graduates to become competent and ethical generalist practitioners who promote social and economic justice, social well-being, and an appreciation of diversity among vulnerable populations across South Carolina and beyond. This is accomplished through the program’s emphasis on teaching, research, creative activity and community engagement.

Program Goals

  1.  The program prepares students to appreciate the importance of human relationships for the provision of competent generalist practices.
  2.  The program prepares students to demonstrate competent generalist practice within the parameters of the profession’s ethics, values, emphasis on the dignity and worth of the person, and respect for diversity and difference.
  3.  The program prepares students to apply a person-and-environment framework to interpret practice contexts and relevant research.
  4. The program prepares students to understand the conditions that influence human rights, as well as the policies and practices that enhance social and economic justice.
  5.  The program prepares students to use critical thinking in serving and advocating for social and economic justice.

When I attended community college to get my associate's degree, I ran into a lot of USC freshmen in the Bridge program. As former military, I was told about how good veteran relations are at USC and that intrigued me. I am happy to say I have not been disappointed

Michael Currie, BSW
michael currie

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.