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College of Social Work

  • Religious parade in Equatorial Guinea.

International Experience

Understanding diverse cultural perspectives is key to leading effective social change. We will help you become a global citizen whether you engage with international students on campus or take advantage of our international practice experience opportunities.

The College of Social Work understands the global influence on social work practice. As a social work student at the University of South Carolina, you can share life experiences with classmates and reflect on your diverse world views by learning how to apply cultural differences into effective practice for diverse populations.

Whether you are helping refugees resettle, striving to improve migrant worker health, coordinating discharge care for a non-English speaker or working abroad for a non-governmental agency, understanding cultural cues will boost your effectiveness as a clinician or policy adviser. College of Social Work programs have taken our students to places such as:

  • Vietnam
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Aruba
  • Africa
  • Bolivia
  • India

Our international reach includes welcoming international students to our undergraduate and master's programs in Columbia. As a master's student, you can also help design a customized international field education.

If you are from another country looking to join our program, advisers from International Student Services are a key resource and guide for immigration and cultural matters, such as obtaining and renewing visas. For more information, view our International Student Handbook [pdf].

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