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College of Social Work

Social Work Five: Five Questions with Student Kevin Rivera

1.      You’re a newly elected student senator – what do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to learn as much as possible so I am able to help those in the College of Social Work along with the university. I am on the committee of Equity and Inclusion and Student Life, and so excited to help pass legislation to help both committees. I will enjoy the experience and friendships I make as being in my position and to be that helping hand I always want to be.

2.      How does a social work education assist you in student leadership?

I think with knowledge of social science I am able to do my duties as an elected senator more fully. Being a part of the LGBTQ and minority community I am able to use my expertise in Social Work alongside my personal experience to build more diversity into the senate. So with knowing about what affects people in general I am able to create legislation to help specific persons or population in the college.

3.      You hold down close to a full-time job and are an academic leader. Tell us how you manage that?

Well, having several responsibilities at one time has not been unusual to me so making sure that I am financially stable while experiencing extra-curricular activity has been something on which I pride myself. I manage it with lots of questions, time management and hard dedication which will help me juggle workload in the future. To me being able to experience this is worth going through difficulty and struggles, but ultimately nothing is impossible if you believe and work hard at it.

4.      Future—what’s your social work future look like?

I hope to get my masters in social work and my JD with the dual program, still weighing the option and gathering as much information as possible. Hopefully, I am able to go through with the plan but I furthermore want to work in policy and to implement change within the system to help those being oppressed.

5.      What’s your favorite thing about the college, or UofSC?

I love the connection and atmosphere in the College of Social Work. Ever since I got here I have been able to meet some pretty amazing people who have guided me through routes that I didn’t know, and I’ve gained so much knowledge. There are people who are helpful on a daily basis in my life and they (the administrative side/professors) of the college keep me in my lane and in constant progress of moving forward. I am very thankful for them!

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