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College of Social Work

New Certificate Offered at COSW

Beginning this fall, the College of Social Work will launch a new certificate called the Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP) Certificate. This graduate-level, 18 credit-hour program provides specialized knowledge and practice skills in trauma prevention and intervention.

Recognizing the widespread impact of psychological trauma and its long-lasting effects on individuals, families and communities, the TIP certificate focuses on trauma-responsive practices to promote resilience, safe interventions and support for healing and growth. The program develops competency in trauma prevention, assessment, intervention and policy practices.

Program director Patrice Penney says trauma-informed practice is a critical focus for the state and region because its effects can be profound.

“In the Southeast, we have high rates of poverty, child abuse, intimate partner violence and gun violence. We also have large military bases and veteran groups who may be exposed to trauma,” says Penney. “And we live through hurricane season and climate warming annually.”

TIPS is an interdisciplinary certificate and includes collaboration with Education, Law, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Public Health and Information Science programs. It’s designed to be broadly applicable across professional settings, including health and mental health services, substance use services, schools, victim advocacy, veterans' services and criminal justice.

Penney says there is an urgent call from researchers and policy makers for better trauma training.

“Through this inter-disciplinary graduate certificate, we are addressing gaps in knowledge and skill so we can more effectively work with individuals, families and communities impacted by trauma, support their recovery and ensure we do not retraumatize them through our policies and systems of care.”

The new certificate is one of three offered by Social Work including the Drug and Addiction Studies and Social and Behavioral Health with Military Members, Veterans and Military Families.  Registration for the certificate is now open. For more information, go here.

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