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Dual Enrollment

USC Sumter offers opportunities for eligible high school students to earn college credit while taking courses that also count toward high school graduation requirements. 

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses have been a feature in South Carolina high schools since 1972. These courses provide an avenue through which highly-talented high school youth can earn college credit while simultaneously meeting high school graduation requirements.  Students typically take two college-level courses per semester (6 credit hours), taught by an approved USC Sumter professor. The professor designs the course including the syllabus and all major assessments and the course is the equivalent of those taught at the USC Sumter campus.

In this arrangement, when the student successfully completes the course, USC Sumter posts the earned credit to the college transcript and the high school posts the earned credit to the student’s high school transcript.

If you're interested in the Dual Enrollment program provided through USC Sumter, please contact your school guidance counselor to discuss the possibility of participating.


Early College

High School students who participate in USC Sumter's Early College program come on the USC Sumter campus and take classes concurrently with college students. After successfully completing the program, the student earns an Associate of Arts degree from USC Sumter in addition to a high school diploma. 

To enroll in this program a student must have successfully completed specified high school credits by the end of his or her sophomore year in high school. Upon the recommendation of their high-school counselors and meeting the necessary academic criteria, students enter the program in the summer prior to their junior year.  For the next two years, students take a full load of college-level work (12 credit hours per semester).   Though they are no longer taking courses at the high school, students in the program are encouraged to remain engaged with their school’s extra-curricular activities such as athletics and the arts.

If you're interested in the Early College program provided through USC Sumter, please contact your school guidance counselor to discuss the possibility of participating. 

Benefits of Both Programs

Participation in either of these programs can decrease college costs, prepare students for advanced-level college work, and improve their understanding of the demands of college.  Students also benefit from an expanded set of curricular offerings.