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Your years at Carolina are marked with boundless opportunity. Explore your interests and refine your potential as you gain hands-on experience.

Student in lab writing on a notepad.

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Start making an impact on day one. Gain the knowledge and experience that's integral to solving life's most complex challenges.

Teacher and student control drone which is flying in air.

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Multiply your opportunities by partnering with our expert faculty. Gain an invaluable mentor who can support you throughout your research, career and life.

Student works at a computer to restore and digitize film archives.

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Restoring and digitizing the archives of one of the country's largest film and video collections is a unique research opportunity. It's an opportunity that preserves the lessons of the past for generations of scholars and storytellers that follow.

Girl student researching with special 3-D glasses

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Access to the resources of a top-tier research institution can unlock your success. A hands-on approach, along with the latest technology, helps you gain perspective as you search for answers.