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USC establishes fund to assist needy individuals

The University of South Carolina’s Continuing Education & Conferences Department is offering scholarships for its professional certificate programs to those adversely impacted by the economy.

“Many South Carolinians are currently out of work or underemployed because they have not been given an opportunity to improve their skills to match the marketplace,” said Eric McGee, director of Continuing and Professional Education. “The university’s Professional Education Certificate Programs help participants develop those skills and become more marketable in as little as five days.”

McGee said the programs include website design, paralegal studies, sustainability, grant writing and Six Sigma.

The scholarship fund will enable 20 candidates to pursue professional certification. Scholarships up to $500 will be awarded to offset tuition costs.

Website design
This program includes the fundamentals of starting and managing a website. Students will get hands-on software training and create a fully functional website to include in a professional portfolio.

Paralegal studies
Taught by lawyers and members of the State Bar of South Carolina, this six month, six-module program concentrates on areas ranging from legal research and analysis to locating and interviewing witnesses. USC’s program is approved for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding.

Participants earn a nationally recognized certificate in one week with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) energy auditor certificate program. With BPI certification, graduates are qualified to perform home energy audits, the foundation of this rapidly growing industry.

Grant writing
The four-course program prepares participants to write successful grant proposals in response to grant announcements and to seek unsolicited proposals.

Six Sigma
Professionals who earn a Six Sigma certificate from USC will be prepared to examine the effectiveness of operations, implement improvements to reduce costs and define long-term growth opportunities. Participants will work on an independent project addressing specific challenges of their organization. Applicants must have explored and/or exhausted Workforce Investment Act funding options and submit a letter stating how the program will assist their career search. Once awarded, the scholarship must be applied to classes that start before June 30, 2011.

To learn more about USC’s certificate programs and full application details, visit

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