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‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ explores technology in society

Society’s obsession with trendy technology and our deepening dependence on it will be examined in “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” the University of South Carolina Lab Theater’s final production of the season.

The play will run April 20 - 23 at the theater on Wheat Street. Tickets are $5, available only at the door.

Directed by Amy Boyce Holtcamp, the tale begins with a man unexpectedly dying in a café. When his cell phone begins to ring, Jean, a patron, decides to answer it and becomes entangled in the dead man’s troubles. As she answers calls from seemingly every person in the dead man’s life, Jean forms an emotional bond with the deceased stranger and begins to confront her own issues of detachment in a technology-driven society.

“What the play is really about is about how we deal with this paradox of the information age,” said Holtcamp, “how we have all of these devices -- iphones, computers, Facebook and Twitter -- and how they, on one hand, connect us so much more and make communication available. But on the other hand, there is a sort of paradox that all of that technology keeps us from making real human connections with people.

The play’s cast includes theater majors Adrienne Lee as Jean, Jake Mesches as Gordon, the dead man, Charlie Goodrich as Dwight, Lauren Koch and Gordon’s mother, Danielle Peterson as Gordon’s widow, and Mary Tilden as Gordon’s mistress.

For more information about “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” and other USC Theatre productions, contact Kevin Bush as

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‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’

  • What: Play about society’s obsession with trendy technology and our deepening dependence on it
  • Who: Amy Boyce Holtcamp to direct
  • When: April 20 - 23, 8 p.m. nightly
  • Where: Lab Theater

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