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CINTINUED: Research awards

 “Without access to the library’s resources, both here and abroad, I would not have been able to bring my project to its successful conclusion,” Buckson said. He plans to continue his research at the Thomas Cooper Library with the goal of publishing it in an academic journal.

Honorable mention recipient Parham is a May graduate with degrees in political science and French. In writing her Honors College thesis, “The Aftershock: The Effect of the NGO Influx in Haiti on the State of Reconstruction, Development Agendas, and Public Policy Discourse After the January 2010 Earthquake,” she used news and Internet sources while also researching the historical role of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Haiti.

Williamson, who also graduated in May with a degree in civil and environmental engineering, submitted an 80-page literature review that he created for an independent study course. He investigated traditional and novel materials for overhead transmission line structures.

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