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Health informatics expert to lead new research center

Dr. Rita Snyder, an expert in health informatics, has been appointed as a Center of Economic Excellence (CoEE) Endowed Chair in Health Informatics Quality and Safety Evaluation at the University of South Carolina.

Rita Snyder
Rita Snyder

Snyder, Ph.D., RN, joins the CoEE program to help make South Carolina a leader in the integration of health information technology and simulation to advance the education of the state’s future health care clinicians.

"This state has become a national model in terms of its emphasis on health care quality, safety and interdisciplinary research."

Health informatics involves the use of computerized information technology to gather and manage health care information, a practice that South Carolina health care settings are rapidly adopting to improve health care safety and quality.

The integration of information technology into South Carolina’s state-of-the-art simulation centers will provide a rich and low-risk educational environment for future clinicians to learn how to apply clinical information to complex health care procedures, such as medication administration and central line management.

This educational approach will better prepare clinicians to engage in practices that contribute to patient care quality and safety goals.

“Dr. Snyder’s ability to link education outcomes in the simulation laboratory with hospital-based training for licensed healthcare personnel will advance this research for South Carolina,” says Dr. Harris Pastides, president of the University of South Carolina. “If new health care training methods are developed in South Carolina, the state is more likely to attract companies working in this sector and create high-paying jobs.”

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