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A still image from MIRC's Lula Belle and Scotty Wiseman Home Movie Collection
A still image from MIRC's Lula Belle and Scotty Wiseman Home Movie Collection

Pull out the videos: Saturday is Home Movie Day

By Kathy Henry Dowell, University Libraries,

Members of the community are invited to bring their home movies to an “inspection and projection” event to celebrate Home Movie Day on Saturday, Oct 20.

Several area film professionals and aficionados, all volunteering their time, will be available to inspect the film and talk to film owners about ways to preserve their home movies. If the movie is in good condition, it will then be projected onto a large screen.

“We need to pay attention to the richness of what film exists in the hands of individuals,” said Gypsye Legge, a local film archivist and event hostess. “History is kids’ birthday parties, your uncle’s wedding, the Kennedys’ sailboat excursions – and it’s all found on home movies.”

The free, family-friendly event begins at 3:30 p.m. at Conundrum Music Hall, 626 Meeting St. in West Columbia. Refreshments will be available and prizes will be awarded. University of South Carolina LibrariesMoving Image Research Collections (MIRC) is a sponsor of the event.

“Home Movie Day is a national event founded by the folks the Center for Home Movies,” said Heather Heckman, an associate director at MIRC. “The idea behind it is to promote home movies and make people appreciate them again. Home movies have a lot of historical and aesthetic value, so we want to bring attention back to this genre. This event offers a chance to actually watch the home movies, to actually project them and watch them in the original way, which is part of the experience of film. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get a sense of the home movies out in the community that could be archived here at MIRC.”

Lydia Pappas, an associate director at MIRC, has participated in Home Movie Day events in London, England.

“I remember an indie film maker, called Captain Zip, who lived in London in the punk era and who filmed the local music scene. He and his family brought in a lot of his Super 8 movies one year to Home Movie Day at The Cinema Museum in London that had to do with the punk music scene in London,” she said. “It was a lot of fun for the audience to see that.”

While that probably isn’t the type of home movie that will be found in Columbia, there will be plenty to see.

“Home Movie Day at Conundrum will be a casual event where people will bring in their films, and volunteers, many of whom are trained professionals, will look at the film,” Legge said. “We’ll be able to look at virtually any format: Super 8, 8mm, 16mm, VHS and digital formats. Bring your movie on a reel, or in a file, or on a DVD. The contributor will get a valuation of physical condition of their movie and then we will try to project it on the large screen.”

Other event volunteers include MIRC’s Stan Lollis, Brittany Braddock and Ashley Blewer.

For more information, contact Heather Heckman, 803-777-3277

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