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Finding love at Carolina

By Liz McCarthy,, 803-777-2848

Amanda Davis and A.J. Bikowski found love in college as many undergraduates do. Their love story isn’t much different from other student love stories, but they did bond during late nights and tight deadlines in the newsroom of The Daily Gamecock

Davis, former editor-in-chief of the student paper, and Bikowski, former assistant design director, had such a strong connection with USC’s student media office they asked Scott Lindenberg, director of student media, to officiate their fall 2012 wedding.  

“In a weird sort of way Scott was the reason we met,” Bikowski said. “We asked Scott because he's everything we wanted in the person who would marry us: he knew us both well, he knew us together, and he's one of our favorite people from the university. We married right off campus because it was the start of our lives together, and in a funny way Scott had a part in that." 

Davis said Lindenberg's personality and their connection made all the difference in the ceremony. 

"He's hilarious, personable, and a great speaker. He knew how to bring in his personality and our history into our ceremony," she said. "He kind of knew how to handle me on a project after our time together on the paper -- deadlines and patience."

Lindenberg, who has been director of student media for almost 10 years, has seen his share of drama in the offices of student media. 

"There are always sparks flying in the newsroom — usually more about deadlines, design, or artwork — but from time to time some romantic ones, too," Lindenberg said. 

Davis and Bikowski are just one of many romances born on the Carolina campus. 

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