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The First-Year Reading Experience at the Carolina Coliseum
The First-Year Reading Experience at the Carolina Coliseum

Carolina Welcome: First-Year Reading Experience

By Megan Sexton,, 803-777-1421

Students are back on campus and Carolina Welcome activities are in full swing.

On Monday morning, approximately 4,900 USC freshmen packed the Carolina Coliseum – ready for their first academic gathering as college students.

The First-Year Reading Experience offers students the chance to read a common book over the summer, discuss it in small groups with peers and faculty members and hear from book’s author. This year – the 20th year of FYRE – students read Drew Magary’s “The Postmortal,” a thriller that envisions a near future where a cure for aging is discovered and available to people worldwide.

At Monday’s gathering, Magary offered students an entertaining mix of stories about his life and suggestions for making the most of their time at Carolina.

A sampling of his words:

“Don’t be that person who says, ‘I’m not gonna apologize for who I am.’ You’re 18, you should be apologizing for yourself all the time.”

“The deeper you know yourself, the deeper you understand your own ideas. Because that’s going to be all that matters when you get out of here.”

“Come up with a couple of good ideas, be able to expand on them and communicate them clearly to other people, blow them out, find the parts that make the most sense, synthesize them into something useful.”

“Be honest with yourself. … You’ve got four years here. You’re not going to live forever. Once you become self-aware you can live well, and that is what really matters.”

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