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December graduates: Opportunities down for 2010

December graduates can expect to find a much chillier job market than last year at this time, according to numbers compiled by the University of South Carolina Career Center.

“Employers have reduced hiring significantly from last fall to this fall,” said Tom Halasz, director of the Career Center. “Unlike last fall, when there were still pockets of relatively strong hiring in some industries, all areas of recruiting were impacted this year.”

Halasz said the bleak job market was reflected in a moderate drop in recruiting and hiring through the university’s Career Center and a steep fall-off in employer registrations at its career fairs.

“Our recruiting visits dropped from 106 visits in fall 2008 to 99 visits in fall 2009, but the number of employers at the university’s career events slipped by nearly half -- from 200 last year to 108 this year,” Halasz said.

Halasz said many employers who have recruited the university’s graduates in the past said they will be back when the economy is more favorable.

“We meet with employers regularly who say they will hire more University of South Carolina students and graduates as the economy improves,” Halasz said. “They recognize the quality of our students and know that our alumni make great employees.”

A poll conducted in October by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to gauge the college job market showed that college recruiting is expected to decline through the end of 2009, he said.

However, the November employment report has given job seekers some hope.

“The uptick is small but, when coupled with other signs, suggests improvement in the outlook for college hiring,” said Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director.

Halasz encourages students to be prepared and adaptable.

“With this difficult job market here for some time to come, students and graduates will find opportunities as they utilize all their resources to develop experience and search for work,” he said. “Gaining work experience prior to graduation and maintaining flexible goals will be keys to success.”

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