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Students win eight awards from local AAF chapter

Seven students at the University of South Carolina were honored for their creative design work at the American Advertising Federation of the Midlands ADDY Awards on March 14.

The student designers won eight individual ADDY awards in the competition, including four Student Gold ADDY awards.

Aidan Zanders, a visual-communications major from Irmo, won three Student Gold ADDY awards for editorial spreads in the Garnet & Black magazine. Two awards were for “Fantastic,” featured in the October 2008 issue, and one was for “A Model Student,” which appeared in the Holiday 2008 issue.

Broadcast–journalism majors Corey Burkarth of Richmond, Va., and Brian Walker, of Lawrenceville, Ga., each won a Student Gold ADDY award for their collaborative work on a 60-second commercial promoting Capital City Sports show on SGTV (student government television).

Elizabeth Howell, a visual-communications major from Lexington, won a Student Silver ADDY award for her “Blitz 2008” editorial series featured in The Daily Gamecock.

Morgan Reid, a marketing major from Fort Worth, Texas, won a Student Silver ADDY award for her creative design for the 2008 Election Coverage Guide featured in The Daily Gamecock.

Meredith Ray, a visual-communications major from Charleston, won a Student Silver ADDY award for her “100 Years Later” editorial cover design featured in The Daily Gamecock.

Megan Sinclair, a visual-communications major from Clover, won a Student Silver ADDY award for “Lipstick Jungle,” which featured university alumna and Survivor contestant Jamie Dugan on the cover design for the February 2009 issue of Garnet & Black magazine.

Conducted annually by the AAF, the local ADDY contest is the first of a three-tiered, national competition to recognize and reward creative excellence in the art of advertising. Local gold winners are eligible for the district-level ADDY competition.

The Daily Gamecock is the student newspaper at the University of South Carolina; it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. Established in 1994, Garnet & Black is a consolidation of a yearbook and literary magazine.

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