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NPR 'Science Friday' to feature chemistry professor

Dr. Stephen Morgan, a professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry in USC’s College of Arts and Sciences, is scheduled to be interviewed Jan. 28 on NPR’s “Science Friday.”

Morgan and his colleague, Dr. Michael Myrick, have developed technology for a camera that can “see” invisible blood stains. The technology, called “multimode imaging in the thermal infrared,” could eventually be used in crime-scene investigations. Morgan and Myrick published their work in a series of three reports in the American Chemical Society’s journal, “Analytical Chemistry,” and have been featured on CNN. Stories about their work have appeared on, and, along with local and statewide media.

Friday, Morgan will be interviewed by host Ira Flatow on NPR’s weekly national science show. The segment is expected to air shortly after 3 p.m.

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