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University's Phi Beta Kappa chapter welcomes initiates

The University of South Carolina's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious and oldest undergraduate honor society in the country, recently initiated 112 new members.

Just over 1 percent of college seniors in the United States are elected to join the organization each year. Only 10 percent of colleges in the United States have the honor and privilege of hosting a Phi Beta Kappa chapter at their institution(s). The University of South Carolina is the first public institution in South Carolina to earn that distinction.

New members include the following:


Lauren Kay Arnold, daughter of Trent and Janis Arnold
Lauren Ashley Collins, daughter of Jonathan C. and Patricia N. Collins
Elizabeth Dawn LaBone, daughter of Thomas and Joan LaBone
Trevor Brian Lightbody, son of Doug and Elizabeth Lightbody
Carole Holley Pitts, daughter of Mark and Nancy Pitts
William James Spencer, son of William and Anne Spencer
Alexander Szu Han Wang. Parents: Jefferson and Judith Wang

Alison Ora Inglis, daughter of Ed and May Inglis

Ashley Caroline Petitt, daughter of Jerry and Cindy Petitt

Charles Hsiang Hammer, son of Charles and Lori Hammer
Giel Muller. Parents: Ben and Truus Muller
Hollis Elayne Murphy. Parents: William H. and Diedre S. Murphy

Lauren Elizabeth Ward, daughter of John and Susan Ward

Ricky Ali Evans Jr., son of Ricky and Janette Evans

Forrest Rule Spence. Parents: William and Jeanette Spence

Sarah Caitlyn Tholstrup, daughter of David and Jeanette Tholstrup

Christine Marie Lee Clarke-Pounder, daughter of Richard and Aubrey Clarke-Pounder
Jessica Christine Hatcher, daughter of Raymond Hatcher
James Tyler Mobley, son of James E. and Dana K. Mobley
Saviana Smith, daughter of Gary and Sally Smith

Michael Baker Elmore, son of Mike and Debbie Elmore

Christopher Andrew Dorsey, son of Max and Sandra Dorsey

Catherine Eowyn Crilly Daniel, daughter of Gene and Janice Daniel
Laura Rebecca Dover, daughter of Ken and Debbie Dover
Sarah Hart Roberts, daughter of Mark and Cathy Roberts

Bradley August Abromaitis, son of David and Diana Abromaitis
James Adam Bedenbaugh, son of Allyn P. Bedenbaugh
Jessica Faye Dahms, daughter of Deanna Denise Dahms
Benjamin Patrick James Dudek, son of Robert Dudek and Valerie James
David Michael Elliott, son of Michael and Kathryn Elliott
Paige Sade Fennell, daughter of Donald and Gloria Ciro
Gurjett Singh Guram. Parents: Surb and Davinder Guram
James Grant Hamilton, son of Bruce and Deborah Hamilton
Francis Harvin, son of Stewart and Maria Harvin
Christina Hope Heizer, daughter of Harry and Deborah Heizer
Sara Katherine Hubble, daughter of Bob and Mary Harvin
Robert Edward Kneece III, son of Robert E. Kneece and Harriet B. Kneece
Mary Christine Learner, daughter of Richard and Stephanie Learner
Alexander Jacob Lesov, son of Jacob and Basya Lesov
Abigail Elizabeth Mann, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Mann
Christina Jean McClelland, daughter of Gretchen J. McClelland
Whitney Ann Meek, daughter of Dale and Kathy Owen
Andrea Marie Moore, daughter of Charles and Julia Moore
Allison M. Novak, daughter of John and Sharon Novak
Nathan Ellis Rouse, son of Michael Ellis and Julia Carolyn Rouse
Tina Shashikani Shah, daughter of Purnima and Shashikant Shah
Lila Aziz Sheira, daughter of Lisa Lasky


Jordan Elizabeth Beckman, daughter of John and Alston Beckman

Thomas Justin Mellette, son of Thomas and Joyce Mellette

France O. Zurenda. Parents: Artie and Michaele Tison


Mary Melody Dawson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Dawson
Nathan Ira Efird, son of Howard and Paula Efird
Samir Sudhir Panvelker. Parents: Sudhir and Sarita Panvelker
Tuangporn Sittisuntorn. Parent: Orachun Sittisuntorn

Fort Mill
Kindra Lara Becker, daughter of Mark Becker and Tara Harkcom
Blair Huntington Russell. Parents: Scott and Tricia Farley
Kristina Halina Williams, daughter of Patrick and Hania Williams

Bradley Wellington Butler II, son of Bradley and Tanya Butler

Christina DeWitt Moore, daughter of Charlotte Bennett Moore

Megan Brooke Matthews, daughter of Wesley and Miriam Matthews

Jamieson Lindley Hardee. Parents: Charles and Tena Hardee
William Walter Kay, son of Charlie and Cindy Kay
Anne Patrick Major, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Major
Huong Giang Thai Nguyen. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Khanh Nguyen

Zachary Joseph Coffman, son of Thomas and Donna Coffman
Elaine Kristen Kao, daughter of Neil and Annette Kao
Shivani Amul Patel. Parents: Amvi and Kashmira Patel

Ashley Melissa Wheeling-Goodson, daughter of Arlean Wheeling-Goodson

Hilton Head Island
Michael Robert Giordano, son of Robert and Diane Giordano
Jonathan Alexander Staples, son of Rosemary Staples
Jessica Mary Steele, daughter of Don and Cecily Steele

Holly Hill
Bonnie Elizabeth Bull, daughter of Witte and Diane Bull

Natalie Kristin Corum, daughter of Michael and Sandra Corum
Dominik Ralf Gothe, son of Ralf W. and Hannelore Gothe
Brandi Michelle Pope, daughter of Rebecca Pope
Elizabeth Timko, daughter of Margaret Gurley

Nicholas Garrett Watson, son of Gary and Delta Watson

Erica Lynn Raheja, daughter of Arvin and Margaret Raheja

Derek Mitchell DeBruin, son of Bruce and Lucy DeBruin
James Scott Warren, son of Jack and Sarah Warren

Little Mountain
Matthew Joseph Cox, son of Michael and Judith Cox

Sana Khaliq. Parents: Muhammad and Shahnaz Khaliq

Moncks Corner
Terrance Devon Lanier, son of Leonard and Carolyn Lanier

Mount Pleasant
Benjamin Edward Forney, son of Ned Forney and Kim Piccione

Myrtle Beach
Anna Erin Abrams, daughter of Edward and Nancy Abrams
Sean Kevin Sluys, son of Kevin and Sharon Sluys

Bradley Jackson Setzler, son of Carl and Helen Setzler

North Augusta
Haley Lauren Mottel, daughter of Phillip and Kimberly Mottel

North Charleston
Kathryn Mary Mulligan, daughter of Michael A. and Julie A. Mulligan

Kelvin Terrell Pompey, son of Robert and Shirley Stuckey

Sarah DeAnn Rand, daughter of Dr. John H. and Julie M. Rand

Rock Hill
Laura P. Barker
Sarah Kathryn Cline, daughter of Laura and David Cline
Melissa Lynn Majecic, daughter of Frank and Joan Majecic


Rebecca Louise Harper, daughter of Richard and Jennifer Harper

Andrew Jonathan Cron, son of Steven and Teresa Cron
Kara Illingworth, daughter of George and Kathy Illingworth
Matthew Addison Moore, son of Mark and Cathy Moore
Leah Kathryn Skorzewski, daughter of Frank and Lisa Skorzewski

St. Matthews
John Othniel Wienges Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wienges

Lauren Michelle Ford, daughter of Brian and Rebecca Ford

Samuel Grey Durrett, son of Dr. Mark and Angie Durrett

West Columbia
Jordan Patrick Burke, son of Russell and Dara Burke
Leah Elaine German, daughter of Royce and Stephanie Miller
Mary Elizabeth Stonecypher, daughter of Tom and Liz Stonecypher

Brianna Stephenie McCluskey, daughter of Richard and Sara Stanton

Flora M. Simmons, daughter of Eula and Donald Simmons

William Brent Girard, son of William and Elizabeth Girard


Kelly Marie Hurst, daughter of Brad and Linda Hurst
Lauren Paige Lundin, daughter of Don and Lori Lundin
Erin Elizabeth Toomey, daughter of Michael and Baxter Toomey

Megan Alexandra Kochman, daughter of Gary and Katherine Kochman
Jennifer Lynn Miller, daughter of Robert and Melissa Miller


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