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Psychology professor, program honored for afterschool outreach in state’s middle schools

Metlife Foundation and the Afterschool Alliance have honored The Challenging Horizons Program (CHP) at the University of South Carolina with an Afterschool Innovator Award recognizing the program’s success mentoring students and providing supplemental education.

The Challenging Horizons Program is directed by Dr. Brad Smith, an associate professor of psychology and co-chair of the Carolina Service Learning Initiative ( Using innovative approaches to mentoring and motivating students, the afterschool program involves undergraduate students in the program, which helps students who are falling behind academically be successful and well adjusted. Currently, more than 350 public-school students are being served at five schools in the greater Columbia area. For more information on the CHP, go to


Pair of criminologists earn National Institute of Justice grant

Dr. Jeffrey Rojek and Dr. Geoff Alpert in the University of South Carolina’s department of criminology and criminal justice have been awarded a $250,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice aimed at understanding successful partnerships between law enforcement and researchers. The two-year project, which begins in January, aims at identifying challenges and opportunities for creating partnerships to develop sustainable and innovative programs that meet the needs of communities. To determine best practices, Rojek and Alpert will interview heads of law-enforcement agencies and researchers nationwide and use a national survey of law-enforcement agencies.

Rojek, an assistant professor, is an expert in policing and is well-known for his studies on gangs and gang prevention. Alpert, a professor, is an expert on law-enforcement training and program evaluation and is one of the nation’s leading authorities on police use of force and pursuit driving.

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