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Inside Carolina Welcome

By Marcie Nelson,

As new and current Gamecock students unload cars and head to campus with laundry bins, suitcases and game-day gear, the people behind Carolina Welcome are hard at work making sure the students’ first week will be one to remember. 

After the initial move-in commotion on Aug. 17, freshman students will gather in front of Russell House in preparation for First Night Carolina, an event aimed at boosting Gamecock pride and getting new students excited about the possibilities of their freshman year at USC. 

Chaunsia White, Carolina Welcome events coordinator, wants to make sure students have the tools they need to engage and get acclimated to all the wonderful resources of Carolina. The Department of Student Life and everyone involved with Carolina Welcome have created a week-long event schedule aimed at student interaction and investment. 

“Carolina Welcome has traditionally been around to support students’ social transition to university life. Lately, the academic component of helping students adjust and prepare for the first day of classes has been the main goal," White said. "In having Convocation and First-Year Reading Experience set the academic tone, many other academically focused departments have come aboard to welcome and help students in this transition." 

During the important first week of college life, each night features signature and new social events to highlight how students can interact with programs and people in the upcoming school year. 

To the people behind each event new and current students attend the week of Aug. 17-25, the most important goal of this week is to make the USC Campus, people and city feel like a home away from home.

“Carolina Welcome is definitely a true ‘welcome’ to all students starting their lives as Gamecocks,” said White.

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