Photo: Research Focus Areas

Research Focus Areas

Faculty members from a diverse range of disciplines participate in research to benefit the people of South Carolina and our nation as well as tackle global challenges such as health care, the environment, alternative energy sources and the creation of advanced materials.

Health Research

Health Sciences

From social work to neuroscience, we take an interdisciplinary approach to addressing key health issues in South Carolina, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and work on ways people can make their own families and communities healthier.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Creating new materials to improve air travel is some of the most exciting work our researchers are doing. We work in close concert with makers of all types of aircraft to bring these laboratory discoveries to the real world.

Energy Focus


Our researchers seek to create cleaner energy options and reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels at the only National Science Foundation-funded cooperative research center for fuel cells. Our partners include General Motors, Boeing and the Savannah River National Laboratory.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

How humans impact our world and addressing the negative effects is at the heart of our interdisciplinary research. Our work includes investigating climate change and weather, including hurricanes, and environmental risks and hazards that can affect public health.