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Our researchers seek to create cleaner energy options and reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. Our partners include General Motors, Boeing and the Savannah River National Laboratory. 

We house the only National Science Foundation-funded cooperative research center for fuel cells. Our researchers seek to commercialize fuel cells by training graduate students and by performing research on the design and performance of fuel cells and storage devices as well as the materials used to make these products. We also are working to reduce pollution from today’s coal-fired power plants and to improve the safety of nuclear energy.

Centers and Institutes

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the heart of our research efforts. Here are just a few of our centers and institutes that put this philosophy into practice. Our searchable database provides a more detailed look at these and additional resources. 


Energy Leadership Institute

This interdisciplinary team offers research on aspects of the use, production and distribution of energy derived from wind, solar, nuclear, wave, coal, natural gas and fuel.

Center for Electrochemical Engineering

The CEE is dedicated to integrated study of fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries, supercapacitors, corrosion, corrosion protection and electrodeposition of metal alloys and composites and serves as a focal point for the development of new power source technologies, novel corrosion protection strategies and environmentally friendly coatings.

Center for Fuel Cells, NSF I/UCRC

The National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Fuel Cells at USC provides an opportunity to focus research, nationally and internationally, to benefit commercialization of an environmentally friendly technology.

HeteroFoaM Center

HeteroFoaMs are heterogeneous functional materials that compose an energy system. Our team is developing a greater understanding of HeteroFoaMs in order to create systems that generate power without waste byproducts.

Polymer Nanocomposites Research Center of Economic Excellence

This research team has developed unique capabilities for synthesizing polymer nanocomposites containing custom-made, synthetic platelet materials. The team uses a broad array of characterization tools, including X-ray scattering, atomic force microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, for characterizing material microstructure.

SmartState Center for Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity

The SAGE Center is developing a broad, cutting-edge research portfolio focusing on novel technologies to enhance the environmental performance of electricity production by providing sustainable solutions to industrial research problems and developing high-throughput experimentation for nanomaterials discovery and optimization.

Solid Oxide Fuel Center of Excellence

The SOFC Center of Excellence is concerned with new materials, processing, modeling and analysis that supports design for performance and durability of solid oxide fuel cells, electrolyzers and related devices.