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Senior Thesis

The Honors College Senior Thesis serves as a remarkable opportunity unlike any other at the University. Although the thesis is a requirement towards graduation from the University with honors from the South Carolina Honors College, we encourage you to think of it as an opportunity express the quality of your intellectional development and to draw your undergraduate learning experiences together. 


5 Steps of the Honors College Senior Thesis

Step 1: Enroll in SCHC 390

SCHC 390 is an online class typically taken in either the fall or spring semester of your junior year to prepare you to undertake your senior thesis paper or project. At the end of the course, you will submit a thesis proposal for a pass/fail grade.  Students who are studying away from campus are waived from the requirement but can still access information provided on Blackboard. Like with any other honors course, you will sign up for SCHC 390 through your Honors Advisor.

Step 2: Enroll in SCHC 499

After completing SCHC 390, you will be enrolled in SCHC 499 by your Honors College advisor during advisment. 

Step 3: Meet Regularly with your Thesis Director and Second Reader

It is your responsibility to maintain regular contact with both your Thesis Director and Second Reader for the duration of your senior year. When meeting with your Director and Second Reader, it is critical to establish expectations for the research and writing process, including deadlines for draft(s) of your writing to be submitted. A final draft should be sent to your readers at least 2 weeks before your thesis defense. You must also select a date for your thesis defense in consultation with your Director and Second Reader. Any request for extensions beyond the stated deadline must be sent to Dr. Banks by the Thesis Director.

Step 4: Thesis Defense Preparations

In collaboration with your Thesis Director and Second Reader, schedule a date and time for your thesis defense. This date must then be submitted to the Honors College. The defense is required to be held before the last day of classes. A representative from the Honors College is not required to attend the thesis defense, however you must submit your thesis defense to the Honors College (avialable here). After your date has been selected, you are responsible for reserving a room for your defense. To reserve a room in HRH, complete this online form. Students can also reserve a classroom in Flynn Hall. Business Majors should contact Dr. Banks for information on reserving a room in the DMSB building.

Step 5: Submit your Thesis Paper/Project and Required Documents

In order to certify your diploma as an Honors College graduate, the following items must be brought in person to the office of Dr. Kay Banks (Harper College, Room 225) – do not send any of the following via email.

  1. Final thesis paper/project. Once your director and second reader have approved all edits/revisions, this should be delivered to Dr. Kay Banks on either a USB drive or CD-ROM. Every thesis, including projects, has a written component that must be delivered.
  2. Signed Title Page. This must be submitted in the required format as specified in the Submission Guide. Please note, you are not required to get the Dean’s signature for this title page.

Thesis Submission and Binding Form. This can be dropped in Dr. Banks’ office mailbox on the first floor of Harper. Please note, students are not required to pay for bound thesis copies. If you are interested in paying for a bound copy of your thesis in the traditional “red book” form, please contact Dr. Kay Banks ( for details or see format requirements in the Submission Guide.