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Darla Moore School of Business

MBA Career Services

Moore School MBA and International MBA graduates occupy leadership roles at major companies around the globe. Many have started their own businesses. They work in all industry sectors and across a broad range of functions at the world’s largest companies. These alumni are a significant resource for you during your job search and beyond.

The Moore School’s Office for Career Management has created a customized program for candidates, allowing you to compete at the highest level during your job search. The program emphasizes skill development and professional best practices for resumes, interviewing and networking to help you secure an excellent position upon completion of your chosen MBA program.

A team of dedicated professionals works with recruiters from around the world to offer you access to global corporations and prepare you to pursue opportunities through to multiple offers. In addition, you will be assigned to an OCM career coach who will work closely with you on identifying opportunities for enhancing your job search.

Placement Success

Our number one priority is helping you reach your career goals. See a sample of the companies that have hired Moore School MBA and International MBA students in the last few years, and let us know if you would like to connect to an MBA alum that has made one of these their next career stop.

Recent Full-time Hire & Internship Companies

Accenture  •  ADP  •  Allianz  •  Amazon  •  American Airlines  •  Apple, Inc.  •  Archer Daniels Midland  •  AT&T  •  Avaya  •  Bank of America  •  Berlitz Corporation  •  BlackRock  •  Blue Heron Management  •  Boeing  •  Bosch  •  Brown-Forman  •  Cisco Systems, Inc.  •  Citigroup  •  Coca-Cola  •  Crayola  •  Credit Suisse  •  Daimler Trucks AG  •  Dell  •  Deloitte Consulting  •  Delta  •  Eastman Chemicals  •  EMC2  •  Ericsson  •  Ernst & Young  •  Expedia  •  ExxonMobil  •  EZGO  •  FedEx  •  Fair Trade USA  •  Ford Motor Company  •  Goodyear Tire Company  •  Hewlett-Packard  •  Honeywell International  •  IBM  •  Infosys  •  Ingersoll Rand  •  Intercontinental Hotels Group  •  International Paper  •  Johnson & Johnson  •  Kaiser Permanente  •  KPMG  •  L’Oreal USA  •  Lululemon  •  Mercedes-Benz USA  •  Merrill Lynch  •  Michelin  •  Microsoft  •  Milliken  •  Moody’s Investors Service  •  Nephron Pharmaceuticals  •  Newell Brands  •  Pan American Life Insurance Group  •  Panamerican Management  •  Passage Maker China  •  PPG Industries  •  Proctor & Gamble  •  PwC  •  Raytheon  •  Roche Molecular Systems  •  Scripps Network Interactive  •  Siemens  •  Sonoco  •  Sub Saharan African Drilling  •  Syngenta  •  TD Bank  •  Textron  •  United Airlines  •  United Health Group  •  United Parcel Service  •  US Airways  •  U.S. Treasury Department  •  Verizon Communications  •  Wells Fargo Securities 

Your career search can be supported by alumni at these companies and many others that span the globe. Contact us to connect with them or inquire about alumni at your target company.