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Law Enforcement and Safety

Community Resource Officers

Community Resource Officers (CROs) interact with students and residence life staff, offering direct support from a familiar face, providing educational programs, and serving as mentors. The CROs use community policing and problem solving to address quality-of-life issues and build positive relationships that help students understand how the resources we offer can help keep them and their property safe.

Ptl Dopp

Ofc. Ethan Dopp

Cpl. Kyle Gilbert

Cpl. Kyle Gilbert

Ofc Martell-Garcia

Ofc. Alex Martell-Garcia

Ptl. Morgan Hiler

Ofc. Morgan Hiler

Ofc Byron Capers

Ofc. Byron Capers

Ofc. Chaz Tallant

Ofc. Chaz Tallant

Cpl. Randy Dupree

Cpl. Randy Dupree

Ptl Forrest Williams

FTO Forrest Williams

FTO Marlena Johnson

FTO. Marlena Johnson

Ptl. Jake McCoy

Ofc. Jake McCoy

Ptl. Steve Inmon

Cpl. Steve Inmon

Ptl. Danielle Young-Farnum

Ofc. Danielle Young-Farnum

Ptl. Bryan Martin

Cpl. Bryan Martin

Ptl. Joshua Spann

Ofc. Joshua Spann

Cpl. Ronny Avallone

Cpl. Ronny Avallone

Ptl. Austyn Jeffcoat

FTO. Austyn Jeffcoat

Ofc.Rob Fatovic

Ofc. Rob Fatovic

Ofc.FTO Matt Roberts

FTO Matt Roberts

Ptl. Casey Betts

Ofc. Casey Betts



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