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Office of Research and Grant Development

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Accelerating Local Potential Addendum to the Science, Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships in Higher Education Program Annual Program Statement (STIP)7200AA18APS00003-ADDENDUM-ALP

Sponsor: US AID
Internal Deadline: 03/12/2018
Institutional Submission Limit: 1
Sponsor Deadline: 04/06/2018
Program Website

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s Global Development Lab (USAID/LAB) seeks to capitalize on the expertise, ingenuity, and passion of the global research community to accelerate institutional capacity for science, technology, and innovation within higher education institutions (HEIs) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) that have a USAID presence . For purposes of the STIP APS, higher education institutions are defined as follows, consistent with guidance provided by USAID/E3/Education: “A tertiary education institution is an organization that provides educational opportunities that build on secondary education, providing learning activities in specialized fields...Tertiary education includes what is commonly understood as academic education but also includes advanced vocational or professional education. This may include public or private universities, colleges, research institutes, training institutes [including teacher training institutes], etc

Office of Research and Grant Development

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