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NSF: EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (RII Track-2 FEC)

The Office of the Vice President for Research is conducting a limited submission competition for the EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (RII Track-2 FEC). There is a limit of one proposal from each submitting organization.

Proposals submitted for the FY19 RII Track-2 FEC competition should be firmly placed in the context of NSF’s “Harnessing the Data Revolution,” one of NSF’s Ten Big Ideas, and must address a specific and compelling problem related to a scientific topic area of national importance. All proposals must promote collaborations among researchers in EPSCoR jurisdictions and emphasize the recruitment/development of diverse early career faculty and STEM education and workforce development

Each proposal is required to have at least one collaborator from an academic institution or organization in a different RII-eligible EPSCoR jurisdiction as a co-PI. Allowable RII Track-2 FEC award amounts depend on the number of participating EPSCoR jurisdictions. If two R-II eligible jurisdictions collaborate on a proposal, the award amount may not exceed $1 million per year; if it is three jurisdictions, the award amount may not exceed $1.5 million per year. An investigator may serve as a PI or Co-PI on only one RII Track-2 award at any given time.

The internal deadline for this competition will be September 24, 2018. (The NSF LOI deadline is November 26, 2018; the full proposal is due January 25, 2019.) Interested applicants must submit the following to the internal competition:

• Project Summary (1 page): Provide an overview, which briefly describes: the vision and goals of the collaboration; a statement of the objectives and methods to be employed; expected impacts of the proposed activities; and plans for sustaining collaborations and impacts beyond the award period.
• Project Description (2 pages): Provide a brief description of the proposed activities. Proposals should clearly identify and motivate the importance and relevance of the chosen topic area in the context of complex data sets and the current status of ongoing work in the area. Projects should demonstrate a multi-disciplinary nature, with the analysis of complex, quantitative and/or qualitative data sets as the central activity. Development of algorithms and software frameworks for the integration of the diverse data sets may be included in the proposal. Successful proposals will emphasize how new information can be obtained from better connections among data sources, utilization of data (including data from multiple facilities, techniques, and/or instruments), and how this will be used to address the specific problem of national importance. Proposers are encouraged to take advantage of existing data sets, where available. The creation of large-scale databases per se is not the focus of this solicitation.
• Biosketch: An NSF-formatted biosketch for all Co-PIs.

Please send the above as a single PDF file to Richard White at as a single PDF by 5 pm Monday, September 24, 2018.

For the full RFP, please see:>

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