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National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institutes; Group 1: Theme - AI for Astronomical Sciences (NSF 23-610)

Sponsor: NSF
Internal Deadline: 10/31/2023
Sponsor Deadline: 10/31/2023
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Building upon the nationwide network of AI Research Institutes, this National AI Research Institutes program solicitation will fund Institutes comprised of scientists, engineers, and educators united by a common focus on advancing the research frontiers in AI. The program seeks to build a broader nationwide network to pursue transformational advances in a range of economic sectors, and science and engineering fields. AI Research Institutes will have as their primary focus the advancement of multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder research on larger-scale, longer-time-horizon challenges in AI research than are supported in typical research grants. They will accelerate the development of transformational technologies by grounding that research in critical application sectors that can serve as motivation for foundational research advances and provide opportunities for the effective fielding of AI-powered innovation.

Theme 1: AI for Astronomical Sciences
With current and future astronomical experiments poised to flood the field with petabytes of high-quality imaging and spectroscopic data over a wide range of wavelengths of light and with a high temporal cadence, AI technology will be essential for mining and analyzing these data. The primary goal of an AI Institute in astronomy is to bring together astronomy and AI experts to tackle important challenges in astronomy, as well as the advances in AI that are needed to overcome these challenges. An AI institute will serve as a hub and resource for the broader astronomical community by making tools publicly available and by promoting the education and training of the astronomical community in AI methods.

Submission of Preliminary Proposals for Group 1 – theme AI for Astronomical Sciences is required by 5pm October 31, 2023. Please see the full text of the solicitation for further information. Full Proposal Deadline is 5 p.m. February 16, 2024

Please see the solicitation for specifics related to scope, submission groups and themes.

Office of Research and Grant Development

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