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Office of Research Compliance

Reporting Concerns

Any faculty member, student, staff member, or other individual who feels that animal misuse may have occurred has an obligation to report their concern to one of the following:

Dr. Shayne Barlow
Attending Veterinarian


Thomas A. Coggins
Executive Director, Office of Research Administration

Concerns may be reported in writing and signed or by an anonymous tip.  Persons may informally consult with the veterinarian, chairman or a committee member prior to initiation of a formal report.

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), has issued guidance on protection of persons reporting animal misuse.  The USC IACUC will protect any person that makes good faith allegations of animal misuse to appropriate institutional authorities. In addition, the Public Health Service (PHS) Act Part 493(e) mandates “the protection of informers for (1) good faith allegations of an inadequate institutional response to scientific misconduct allegations and (2) good faith cooperation with investigations of such allegations”.  Once an allegation has been made, the USC IACUC will act in a manner which protects the reputation and well-being of both the accused and the accuser.

Persons making wrongful allegations of animal misuse with malicious or vengeful intent, or persons taking wrongful action against the accuser because they have reported suspected misuse are subject to disciplinary actions by the University.

Office of Research Compliance

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