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Office of Research Compliance

Training and Policies

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has established a series of on-line training modules for investigators which must be completed before animal use will be allowed. 

You will need to establish an account with the AALAS Learning Library by clicking Enroll Now!, selecting Yes (Were you provided an access code by an institution already subscribed to the AALAS Learning Library?),” then entering USCTraining. You will then be able to create your own username and password. Please enter all of the requested information.  This account must be approved by the DLAR staff so please do not attempt to set up a new account when you do not have immediate access to the premium modules.  You will receive a notice when the account is approved.  When you next log in you should be asked to enter further information including PI/Supervisor, USC Billing Fund #, and Department.

The IACUC has several other policies concerning animal use which investigators must be familiar with:

Policies Keywords
(hidden column)
 Care and Use of Laboratory Animals [pdf]   
 Cell Line Use in Live Animals [pdf]  
 Euthanasia of Laboratory Animals [pdf]  
 Evaluation of AUPs with Genetically Modified Animals [pdf]   
 Use of Expired Material and Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs [pdf]   
 Food and Water Restriction of Animals [pdf]   
 Freund's Adjuvant Use in Laboratory Animals [pdf]   
 Housing Density [pdf]   
 Housing of Aquatic Species [pdf]   
 Humane Endpoints in Animal Use Proposals [pdf]   
 Importation of Rodents [pdf]   
 Inspection of USC Animal Facilities by Non-USC Personnel [pdf]   
 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee [pdf]   
Multiple Survival Surgery Procedures [pdf]   
Non-Human Primates [pdf]   
Physical Restraint of Animals [pdf]   
Post Approval Monitoring [pdf]   
Quarantine and Stabilization of Animals [pdf]   
Reporting Concerns about the Use of Laboratory Animals [pdf]   
Review of Animal Use Proposals [pdf]   
Reviewing Significant Changes to Animal Use Proposals [pdf]   
Rodent Survival Surgery [pdf]   
Service Animal Use [pdf]   
Social Housing and Environmental Enrichment [pdf]   
Sterilization of Instruments and Supplies for Aseptic Surgery Procedures [pdf]   
Training Personnel for Laboratory Animal Use or Care [pdf]   
Use of Volatile Anesthetics [pdf]   


Office of Research Compliance

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