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Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Lecture Series

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice invites criminal justice professionals to deliver lectures as part of several different lecture series.

Ellis MacDougall Lecture Series

As part of the Ellis MacDougall Lecture Series, the department invites a prominent academic in the field of criminology and criminal justice to give a lecture in his/her area of expertise. The series honors Ellis MacDougall, the first professional director of South Carolina’s Department of Corrections. He dedicated many years to improving prison systems across the country, including serving as President of the American Correctional Association, and is well-known for the development of the curved fence design used in prisons. MacDougall was a professor of criminal justice at the University of South Carolina and co-founder of the College of Criminal Justice in 1974.

J. P. Strom/Rick Rescorla Justice Leadership Lecture Series

For the J.P. Strom/Rick Rescorla Justice Leadership Lecture Series, the department asks prominent professionals in the field of criminal justice to deliver a lecture to our students. The series honors two respected former leaders with ties to the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. J.P. Strom was a chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). He was one of the key supporters of the early development of law enforcement education in South Carolina. Strom was instrumental in the creation of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and the establishment of the College of Criminal Justice in 1974.

Cyril Richard “Rick” Rescorla was a United States Army officer and served in the Vietnam War as a Second Lieutenant. He taught criminal justice at the University of South Carolina for 3 years. He was an integral part of the rescue mission following attacks on the World Trade Center towers on September 11th, saving the lives of thousands of people.

Violence and (In)justice Lecture Series

The V(I)J Lecture Series was proposed as part of the first Theme Semester at the University of South Carolina in Fall 2020, which was “Justice.” The series aims to highlight experts on the intersections of violence (broadly defined), (in)justice, and inequality. In particular, our guest speakers emphasize the ways in which violence both reflects systemic inequalities, given its disproportionate effect on marginalized groups, and also reinforces inequalities experienced by women, people of color, and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to the UofSC College of Arts and Sciences Theme Semester, these talks have been co-sponsored by the departments of African American Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

If you would like to recommend a potential speaker for a future V(I)J series, please contact Dr. Kait Boyle in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice ( 

If you are a faculty member, staff member, or student at the University of South Carolina and you are interested in joining the V(I)J working group or planning committee, please reach out to Dr. Boyle. 

2021: “Hostile Climates”

The aim of this series was to focus on how sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and their intersections foster environments that are not only violent and unjust, but hostile to the mental, moral, and emotional well-being of affected populations and broader society.

“Transgressed: Intimate Partner Violence in Transgender Lives”
Dr. Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz
Framingham State University
September 20th, 2021, 4pm (Virtual)

“Examining the Trends and Effects of Victimization Among LGBTQ Youth of Color”
Dr. Lindsay Kahle Semprevivo
West Virginia University
October 18th, 2021, 4pm (Virtual)

“Racialized State Violence and the Paradox of Mothers’ (In)visibility”
Dr. Janet Garcia-Hallett
University of New Haven 
November 8th, 2021, 4pm (Virtual)

2020: “(In)justice”

“The Gendered Nature of Trafficking Victimization”
Dr. Jody Clay-Warner
University of Georgia
September 14th, 2020, 2:20pm (Virtual)

“The Moral Boundaries Around Sexual Consent: Lessons Learned from Public Drinking Settings”
Dr. Justine Tinkler
University of Georgia
October 5th, 2020, 2:20pm (Virtual)

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