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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

2020 Graduate Student Awards

Graduate student awards are designed to recognize excellence in MS and PhD research,
graduate teaching, and excellence in presentation of scientific research to a general university
audience. The School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment invited MS and PhD graduate
students in the Geological Sciences, Marine Sciences, and the Earth and Environmental
Resource Management graduate programs to compete for the following awards during the

Spring 2020 semester, and the following winners were chosen.

Geological Sciences Degree Program:

The Stephen F. Taber Award for Outstanding PhD Research - Zaid R. Al-Attabi

Alattabi, Z.R., D. Cahl, and G. Voulgaris, 2019: “Swell and Wind
Wave Inversion Using a Single Very High Frequency (VHF) Radar”.
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 36, 987-1013

The Stephen F. Taber Award for Outstanding Teaching - Owen F. Jensen

Marine Science Degree Program:

Marine Science Award for Outstanding Publication - Heather Roman-Stork

Roman-Stork, H.L., B. Subrahmanyam, and V.S.N. Murty (2019).
The Role of Salinity in the Southeastern Arabian Sea in
Determining Monsoon Onset and Strength. Journal of Geophysical
Research: Oceans, 125,

Marine Science Award for Outstanding Teaching - Josephine Dianne Deauna

Masters in Earth and Environmental Resource Management:

MEERM Thesis Award - Ojaswee Shrestha

Exploring the Relationship Between Flight Morphology and Metabolic Rates in E. gillettii

MEERM Internship Award - Louisa M. Schandera

Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Microplastics within the Midlands and Development of
Community-appropriate Outreach Material

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