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Department of Sociology

Graduate Students


Valerie Barron


Research Interests: Experimental Social Psychology, Social Networks, Identity, Emotions, Enequality, and Science/Technology.

Michaela Goldstein


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Altruism, Prosocial Behaviors, Emotions  and Social Networks 


Nick Harder


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Social Networks, Group Processes, Status

Nick Heiserman

Nicholas Heiserman

Research Interests: Social Psychology, Group Processes, Economic Inequality, Gender, Discrimination

Current Research Projects: Complex Stereotyping: Stereotypes at the  Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, Age, Race, and Class

Morgan Koziol


Research Interests: Education, Inequalities and Institutions, Family and Gender


Chang-Yi Lin


Research Interests: Social Network, Status, inequality, Migration 

Mohona Mandal


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Morality, Social Media, Social Networks


Victoria Money

Research Interests: Social networks, Information Diffusion, Health, Social Media Analysis, and Identity

Current Research Projects: Thou Shalt Lie: Managing Anticipatory Deflection with Deception; Reddit vs Twitter: The Underlying Nature of Social Media and How it Shapes the Characteristics of DDEO; Secrets, Lies, and Social Network Analysis

Samantha Moser


Research: Economic Inequality, Gender, Race, Health and Qualitative Methods

Current Research Projects: Researching How Couples Navigate Student Loan Debt Together

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Joseph Padgett


Research Interests: Sexual Behavior, Person Perception, Social Power, Social Psychology

Current Research Projects: Impacts of Power and Relationship Status on Partner Perceptions

 Paola Tamayo


Research Interests: Research Methods, Social Psychology, Group Processes, Discrimination, Migration, and Identity. 

Atticus Wolfe


Research Interests: Biomedicine, Health Inequalities, Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Current Research Projects: Gender and Sex as Social Determinants of Health, Patient-Provider Relationships, and Medical Provider Burnout 


Jingwen Zhong


Research Interests: Social Psychology, Social Networks

Current Research Projects: A Permutation Test for Ecological Competition; Social Influence Network Model of Performance Expectations4


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