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Department of Sociology

Family Inequality Research Lab (FIRL)


The Family Inequality Research Lab (FIRL) in the Department of Sociology at the University of South Carolina brings together faculty and students interested in understanding and allaying inequalities among American families. We do so by pursuing original research that tackles family inequality in its myriad forms, including research on racial and ethnic minority families, LGBTQ+ families, single parent families, and multigenerational families, as well as inequalities between fathers and mothers and socioeconomically advantaged and disadvantaged parents and children. Through our research efforts, we aim to provide fresh scientific knowledge of the contemporary processes that contribute to the reproduction in inequality between and within American families and novel insights as to how family inequality in the U.S. can be reduced.


All meetings at 11:30 am in Sloan Room 315.

Meeting Agenda
Friday September 2, 2022 Introduction to Group 
Friday September 16, 2022 Project Development 
Friday September 30, 2022 Workshop: Dr. Jaclyn Wong 
Friday October 7, 2022 Project Development 
Friday October 21, 2022 Workshop: Dr. Mari Amorim 
Friday November 4, 2022 Project Development 
Friday November 18, 2022 Workshop: TBD 
Friday December 2, 2022 Project Development 


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