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Department of Statistics

Course Descriptions for STAT 6XX

STAT 600  - Statistics for Applied Management  (3 Credits) 
Introduction to data collection, descriptive statistics, and statistical inference with examples from hospitality, retail, sport, and entertainment management. Focus on selecting, implementing, and interpreting the appropriate statistical methods using software such as Excel and SPSS. Not for minor or degree credit in Mathematics or Statistics. Does not prepare students for STAT 516, STAT 518, STAT 519 or STAT 525.

STAT 650
  - AP Statistics for Teachers  (3 Credits) 
A thorough study of the topics covered on the AP Statistics Examination. A non-calculus-based introduction, including descriptive and inferential one- and two-variable statistics, and emphasizing activities illustrating statistical thinking. Current secondary high school teacher certification in mathematics. For I.M.A./M.A.T. (excluding mathematics)/M.Ed./M.T. and nondegree credit only. Restricted to graduate students.

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