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Student Services Office

When you don't know who to ask, ask Student Services! Our office is here to help.

CEC Student Services

CEC undergraduate students with questions, problems, or forms to be signed by a “dean” or “college official” should contact the CEC Student Services office. Our office’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Undergrad forms
  • Helping resolve registration issues
  • Petitions concerning college and university requirements
  • Course substitutions
  • Degree Works discrepancies
  • Transient enrollment approval
  • Study Abroad approval
  • Progression and graduation requirements
  • Retention programs and services
  • Advising new and underclass undergraduates
  • New Student Orientation and Major Change Workshops

Our People

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Staff Brillhart, Allison Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-0265 Advisor, advising, student affairs, student services Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Faculty DuBose, Krystal Director of Enrollment Management 803-777-2997 Academic Affairs
Staff Elia, Kim Academic Services Coordinator 803-777-2350 Academic Affairs
Staff Embler, Laura Academic Resource Coordinator 803-777-1822 Academic Affairs
Staff Jacob, Katherine Student Services Coordinator 803-576-8222 Academic Affairs
Staff Jusiewicz, Sarah Director of Advising 803-777-1962 Academic Affairs
Staff Keefe, Ryanne Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Keefe, CEC student services Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Faculty Lyons, Jed Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mechanical Engineering Professor 803-777-9552 advising, education Mechanical Engineering,Academic Affairs
Staff Martin, Erik Undergraduate Academic Advisor (803) 576-6335 Erik Martin, CEC Student Services Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff McCaster, Brian Director of Inclusive Programs 803-777-4023 Academic Affairs
Staff McMillion, Sam Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Mujica , Wanda Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Mujica, CEC Advisor Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Patterson, Ruth Assistant Dean for Student Services 803-777-7577 Academic Affairs
Staff Pierce, Lisa Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Prater, Shane T. Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-576-5683 Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Russell, Carol Administrative Assistant 803-777-4177 Academic Affairs
Staff Snelson, Kate Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 CEC Advisor, Snelson Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Turner, Carrie Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 CEC Advisor, Turner Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Turner, Jammie Academic Services Coordinator 803-576-6574 Academic Affairs
Staff Winterfeldt, Andrew Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-0247 advising, advisor, uofsc Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs

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