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Advising and Registration

This page is intended to help current students prepare for advisement and course registration. All undergraduate students must be advised before they can register for classes.

Advising Information

Academic Advisors assist students with course selection/progression planning and lift advisement holds. Faculty Advising Fellows play a complementary role by helping students explore and connect with opportunities in their major.

Who is my advisor?

To identify your advisor, log in to Self Service Carolina and click “Student Information” then “Student Profile.” Your advisor’s name is listed under “Primary Advisor.”

Make an appointment
Need to meet with your advisor? See your advisor's availability and schedule your appointment online in EAB Navigate.

Academic Advisors advise on course selection and progression planning. They connect students to resources for student success, and provide and refer students to information on career and professional development opportunities. Students meet with their Academic Advisor at least once per semester to be cleared for registration. 

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Staff Brillhart, Allison Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-0265 Advisor, advising, student affairs, student services Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Keefe, Ryanne Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Keefe, CEC student services Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Martin, Erik Undergraduate Academic Advisor (803) 576-6335 Erik Martin, CEC Student Services Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff McMillion, Sam Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Mujica , Wanda Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Mujica, CEC Advisor Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Pierce, Lisa Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Prater, Shane T. Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-576-5683 Academic Affairs,Undergraduate Advising
Staff Snelson, Kate Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 CEC Advisor, Snelson Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Turner, Carrie Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-4177 CEC Advisor, Turner Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs
Staff Winterfeldt, Andrew Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-777-0247 advising, advisor, uofsc Undergraduate Advising,Academic Affairs

Faculty Advising Fellows answer career-related questions that go beyond the knowledge of Academic Advisors.  They help students explore and connect with their fields of study and professional development opportunities through faculty-led programming. Students may want to contact an Advising Fellow for information about undergraduate research, graduate school, or advice on selecting major electives for specific career aspirations. 

  • Chris Williams (Head Advising Fellow): Undergraduate Research, Concentrations/Minors, Graduate School, Other topics 
  • Ed Gatzke: Study Abroad, Concentrations/Minors, Graduate School 
  • Ivelisse Ortiz-Hernandez: Co-ops, Internships 
  • Melissa Moss: (Department Chair) Student Chapters, Graduation with Leadership Distinction, Graduate School
  • Juan Caicedo: (Department Chair) Graduation with Leadership Distinction
  • Sarah Gassman: (Graduate Director) Accelerated Graduate Program
  • Joe Flora: Professional Preparation (e.g. FE, PE, etc) 
  • Robert Mullen: Professional Preparation (e.g. FE, PE, etc), Study Abroad 
  • Charlie Pierce: Graduation with Leadership Distinction, Student Chapters
  • Inthuorn Sasanakul: Student Chapters, Study Abroad 

Any Advising Fellow can be contacted regarding cluster selection, undergraduate research, graduate school, internships and fellowships.

  • Grigory Simin (Head Advising Fellow): Undergraduate Curriculum, Career Choices, Microelectronics, Semiconductor Devices 
  • Mohammod Ali: RF/Microwave Circuits, Wirless Communications, Integrated Systems
  • MVS Chandrashekhar: Electronic Materials and Devices, Electronics
  • Adel Nasiri: Career Choices, Energy Systems 
  • Sharon Gumina: (Head Advising Fellow) Database Systems, Networking, Network Security
  • Jorge Crichigno: Networking, Cyber Security, Military Cyber Operations
  • Travis Dalton: Web Design
  • Tony Dillon: Internship and Full-time Opportunities, Career Development
  • John Gerdes: (Undergraduate Director) Transfer Issues, General Program Overview, Web Design, Programming, Project Management, Masters Degrees, Mainframe Systems/Linux on Mainframe, Cloud Computing
  • Patrick Wright  Networking, Cyber Operations, Organizational Management, Programming
  • Frank Chen: (Undergraduate Director) General Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Wout De Baker: Aerospace Engineering, Composite Materials
  • Austin Downey: Dynamics and Controls, Infrastructure, Robotics, Data Science
  • Tanvir Farouk: (Graduate Director) Thermal Fluid Sciences
  • Andrew Gross: General Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • Ramy Harik: Industrial Engineering; Advanced and Smart Manufacturing
  • Xinyu Huang: General Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Composites, Energy Systems
  • Stanley Ling: General Mechanical Engineering, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics
  • Jamil Khan: General Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Fluids, Heat Transfer
  • Travis Knight: (Department Chair) Nuclear Engineering, Risk Assessment, Space Nuclear Power
  • Dongkyu Lee: Energy Systems, Thermodynamics, Additive Manufacturing
  • Cyrus Riahi-Nezhad: Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Science, Separation Science
  • David Rocheleau: General Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Design, Entrepreneurship
  • Nikos Vitzilaios: Robotics, Mechatronics, Autonomous Systems, Controls
  • Yi Wang: Multiphysics and Multiscale System Engineering, Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering
  • Sang Hee Won: (Aerospace Engineering Program Director) Aerospace Engineering, Combustion, Propulsion.
  • Lucy Yu:  (Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) General Mechanical Engineering, Applied Dynamics


Registering for Classes

Your registration time ticket indicates the earliest time that you can register for classes for the next semester.  To view a time ticket:

  1. Login to Self Service Carolina at
  2. Navigate to the Student tab.
  3. Click the Student Profile box.
  4. Click “Registration Notices” in the upper right corner of the profile.
  5. View the time ticket time.

Directly register for classes using Self Service Carolina’s registration function, or with the Schedule Planner add-on. Need help? Registration tutorials are available.


Advising and Registration Toolbox

Additional advising resources, maintained by the University Advising Center, provide information and how-to videos on major change advising, accessing advising tools, using Self Service Carolina to view your transcript or DegreeWorks degree audit, and a whole lot more. 

Check your account daily leading up to registration to ensure no holds have been placed on your account. Holds are displayed in the upper right corner of your student profile in Self Service Carolina.

If you’re experiencing trouble registering for a specific class, consider these common registration hiccups.

CEC classes have a department designator of AESP, BMEN, CSCE, ECIV, ECHE, ELCT, ITEC, EMCH, or ENCP.

Non-CEC classes have processes and contacts that vary by college.

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