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My School of Medicine Columbia

New M.D. Student Information

Welcome to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia! We congratulate you on this achievement and extend you a very cordial welcome to our institution. Below you will find most of the information you will need before you matriculate in late July. Regarding Fall 2024: We update the content regularly as more information becomes available.

Important Dates and Deadlines for the Class of 2028

July 1, 2024

Final "Commit to Enroll" deadline

All Matriculation Requirements Due

July 29 - August  9, 2024

Required orientation for M1 students.

August 12, 2024

Classes begin

September 27,  2024

White Coat Ceremony at 3 pm

Matriculation Requirements

All students MUST complete the Matriculation Requirements by July 1, 2024.

A satisfactory background check is required for all matriculating students. You will receive an email from Certiphi with instructions for completing the background check beginning in January 2024.

A 10 panel drug screening is required for all matriculating students. You will receive an email in May from the Office of Admissions with instructions on how to complete the drug screen. The fee for the 10 panel drug screening is $29.

The University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia’s Commit to Enroll deadline is Monday, July 1, 2024. Choosing this enrollment option means you have withdrawn your application from all other medical schools and are committing to matriculate at the USC School of Medicine Columbia for Fall 2024. You will need to login to your AMCAS account to select this option in the CYMS Program. The School of Medicine Columbia reserves the right to rescind offers of acceptance from students who do not meet this deadline. 

HIPAA training and compliance is required for all new students. Please review the training.  Then print and sign this attestation form.  Return the signed form to

Immunization requirements must be met and on file with the Student/Employee Health Nurse within 30 days of your offer of acceptance. You will not be registered or allowed to attend orientation or fall classes until these requirements have been satisfied. All questions and documentation should be directed to the Student/Employee Health Nurse: Jennifer Evans,

Please complete the acknowledgment form in AMP under the “Pre-Matriculation” tab.

Each state has its own licensing board with specific medical licensure requirements. The M.D. program at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).  Graduates are eligible for professional licensure in the state of South Carolina, but must complete the process and requirements for professional licensure in the state of their residency. For students who are not living and completing residency in South Carolina, please review the information regarding medical licensure specific to individual states throughout the U.S.

The University of South Carolina requires that the School of Medicine Columbia has a complete record of your undergraduate and/or graduate preparation with degree(s) conferred prior to your matriculation to medical school.  An official, terminal transcript from ALL institutions from which you received degrees or certifications must be received as soon as possible after completion of your academic work.

Please note that transcripts sent to AMCAS during the application process do not fulfill this requirement.

If you attended the University of South Carolina (any campus), the Office of Admissions can pull that transcript, therefore it is not necessary to send us the USC transcript.  However, we will still need all other institution transcripts from which you received a degree or certification.

Transcripts must be on file with the Office of Admissions no later than the end of the fall semester.  Spring registration may be withheld for those students who have not fulfilled this requirement.   

Transcripts may be sent electronically (preferred) to Admissions or mailed to:

Office of Admissions
USC School of Medicine-Columbia
Building 3
Columbia, SC  29208

Please complete the acknowledgment form in AMP under the “Pre-Matriculation” tab.

The Registration/Records/Diploma Holds policies of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia are located in the School of Medicine Columbia’s Bulletin.

Student Resources and Additional Information

We oppose intolerance by promoting integrity within our campus community. Our common values are formed upon the foundation of our creed, which emphasizes openness and civility.  Please read the Carolinian Creed in its entirety and read more about the Creed history.

The Admissions Ambassadors invite you to join the Class of 2028 Facebook page.

COG is a student organization at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine that connects students, faculty, and staff with volunteer opportunities in the local community.  We have helped pack fruit and veggie boxes with Foodshare SC, served meals at Transitions Homeless Center, and provided assistance to home-bound older adults via The FriendShip.  Feel free to send any questions to Mattie Jo Thomas, COG President.

Please read this news article about some of the volunteer work!

If you are looking for housing and/or roommates, please join our Potential Housing Options.  (Note: you must have a Google/Gmail account to edit.)  It updates as students add to the form, so please check back often.

Please review the Columbia area Housing Guide and Apartments near USC School Of Medicine.

Questions regarding housing should be directed to Student Affairs

Students must provide their own laptop computers. Please review our computer recommendations. The laptop MUST have a camera.  Please contact OIT for specific questions.

We utilize ExamSoft, which helps institutions improve student learning with secure software that provides valuable data.  Please review the ExamSoft computer requirements.

Library Orientation Tutorial link will be updated in June 2024

Students' Subject Guide to Resources

The Office of Admissions will begin registering the Class of 2028 in mid June. You will not be registered until all immunization records are on file and cleared by the SOM Columbia Student Health Nurse, Jennifer Evans, Once registered, your schedule will be available in Self-Service Carolina.

All new students will be provided a School of Medicine email account. You will receive your login credentials for this account before you arrive in July. 

If you had academic accommodations at your last educational institution and would like to continue them, please register with the Student Disability Resource Center ASAP, and certainly before the undergraduate students start on the main campus.  There will be a HUGE rush at that time.

Assignments for the 2024/2025 Academic Year will be sent out via email the week of June 3. If you have questions prior to this time, please feel free to contact our Admissions Ambassadors for a response from an MII student representative. 

Financial Aid and Residency

For specific questions regarding your FAFSA (our FAFSA code is 003448), financial aid, loans, and/or scholarships, please contact:

Mr. Jerel Arceneaux (Student Affairs) or phone (803) 216-3629.

If you need additional information, please visit Financial Aid.

AAMC has provided this Education Debt Manager guide for matriculating and graduating students.

The School of Medicine is unable to answer questions or provide advice regarding an applicant’s legal residency.  Applicants should contact the Residency Office at the University of South Carolina for advice on their specific situation.

Residency affects both your tuition and eligibility for scholarships. The University of South Carolina is required by state law to determine the resident classification of all applicants interested in claiming South Carolina as their state of legal residence. South Carolina Residency makes initial determinations for all students at the time of their admission. The School of Medicine Columbia does not make any decisions regarding legal residency. Decisions for all students are made by the Residency Office at the University of South Carolina.

  • SC Code 62-602.H.2 – An independent person ‘cannot claim the domicile of another individual as their own for the purposes of establishing intent to become a South Carolina resident’
  • Students can no longer sign a lease for a house that is the principal residence and place of habitation of another person and then claim it for residency
  • Students can only rent homes and apartments that are strictly rentals, not rent a room in someone else’s home or pay rent to family members

Upon admission, all students claiming South Carolina as their state of residence MUST complete a SC Residency Certification in Self-Service Carolina. Any new student claiming South Carolina as their residence, who does not apply for residency, will be billed at non-resident tuition rates.

You will receive an email once a preliminary determination has been made. The preliminary decision will also be available in Self-Service Carolina. Your official status will only be updated to resident upon receipt and processing of any additional documents.

The SC Residency Office reviews its records to determine if a student’s residency status may have changed. The office may request additional information to determine if you still meet residency eligibility requirements.

Tuition and Fees for the upcoming academic year are determined by the University Board of Trustees in July of each year.

Student Affairs

Your parking decal and SOM Columbia key will be distributed at Orientation.  More information will be provided at a later date.

Students will need access to a variety of resources as they complete their didactic education. Your preclinical education begins with the M1 Orientation (the schedule will be provided at a later date).

Dress Code:  Dress casually, except for your white coat picture day, which will be determined later.

MI Orientation is a two week program from July 29-August 9, 2024.  Some things you will learn:

  • Establishing connections with peers, faculty and staff
  • Connecting students with on-campus, local, and national resources and organizations
  • Informing students about relevant policies and procedures for the School of Medicine Columbia and the University of South Carolina
  • Preparing students for the academic expectations of medical school
  • Assisting students any last-minute issues prior to starting classes

To be completed AFTER enrollment mid-summer. 

(MSQ) Matriculating Student Questionnaire

You will receive an email from Prisma Health Student Affairs with instructions for completing the onboarding process in mid-July.  It is important to note that Prisma Health uses two different systems in the clearance process: myClinicalExchange and Learning Hub.

myClinicalExchange (mCE) is a student data management system used to house all your contact information and compliance records (i.e., immunizations and background check reports).

Learning Hub is a learning management system with computer-based modules that teach and test important health care compliance issues like HIPAA, infection control, patient rights, etc.

Prisma Health Student Affairs Administration (SAA) will be your primary contact during onboarding. Please note, this is a separate department from the USC School of Medicine Columbia Office of Student Affairs. For specific questions or assistance with myClinicalExchange and/or Learning Hub, please email Prisma Health Student Affairs or call (864) 455-5654.

The School of Medicine Columbia requires you to have health insurance, but you must be registered for classes before you can apply for health insurance. If you have specific School of Medicine questions, please contact:

Mr. Jerel Arceneaux (Student Affairs) or phone at (803) 216-3629.

The White Coat Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2024 at 3 pm.  Family & Friends Day is the same day, in the morning, time to be determined.  Questions about this event may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.



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